Workout Plan (New to Working Out and the Whole Concept of it)

Edit: Just wanted to say the amount of replies in such a short time is absolutely fantastic. Thank you so much for pouring in your opinions. It really helps to increase my knowledge, and I’d like to continue discussing this so that I can get the best possible plan. Keep putting in your suggestions lads.

Edit 2: I’m going to make a workout plan along with a diet plan document and upload it here. Maybe from there we can see how realistic this plan will look. Will upload it in a day or two.

Hi I’m new and I’d like some helpful advice.

I’m 18 turning 19 by the end of September, and I am also very thin. Genetically, I’m strong and have good bone density but my physical appearance tells a different story. I want to start working out during mid May and give myself one year to help build my physique, so that I can help people with my strength, and so that I can have an intimadating physique which could help me protect those around me. I want to do this by building a workout plan that will help increase my testosterone to the highest level possible, and I also want to do this by using an intermittent fasting diet. I want to incorporate these changes into my lifestyle, so that it becomes a part of me. I am willing and determined, but I want to get the plan right before I spearhead into it. The basic is to workout Mon, Wed, and Fri. My body goal is to end looking like Jason Momoa when he was in GOT (Khal Drogo). My first question is; Can a thin person who does not eat a lot do intermittent fasting, provided that he eats the right meals and the right amount? My second question is; What is the best workout to help increase both my testosterone and HGH to it’s maximum level, and at the same time build muscle mass and lost body fat (10% body fat goal)? My final question is; Can I incorporate intermittent fasting and the proposed workout together, and if so, how?

I really want to make a change in my life before I go onto university. I want to be the man I expected my self to be when I was 16. I’ve left it a bit late, but I still have to make the change as testosterone levels are at it’s peak around the age of twenty for men. I appreciate any help given, as long as it is good and important advice.

Thank you very much.

Run through a bunch of Dan john programs, start here…

yeah bad idea,-you’'l hit a wall fast. learn to eat big and like an adult over 3-4 square meals first

Why is getting huge while intermittent fasting seem to be a common theme these days? I can’t imagine how it would work. Has anyone notable had success with such a seemingly oxymoronic (is that a word?) approach?


The Hodgetwins on YouTube say they have. Intermittent fasting is somewhat something I’ve been doing my whole life, as I am a Muslim, and our prophet used to fast from sunrise to sunset on most days. It is good and beneficial for health (look up on the conclusions of research around it), and most importantly, it would help me use my time in the most effective and efficient way. That’s why I am absolutely keen on doing intermittent fasting while gaining muscle and weight. I’m almost adamant on it.

Because it is a damn fad at the moment. Only ones endorsing it are guys whom dont even look like they lift or guys whom already have size and are trying to stay lean.

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Simply Eat allot of Food when your not fasting problem solved.

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I already have a fasting period. It’s called sleep. I also have times at work where I simply can’t eat. I just can’t imagine limiting myself even further when I want to put on 100lbs.

I understand it’s you’re faith and people need to do some wild things to keep your God(s) happy but how do pack in the calories? Wake up before the sun and eat 1500cals than have a 1500cal dinner? What if you need to go to the gym around those times? Id feel sick after eating a big meal than doing an intense lifting session.

Can you provide some more detail? Height, weight, previous athletic activity?

I understand you have an image in your mind of how you want to look. Your choice is probably a guy who was athletically gifted as a young man and has the genetics to grow and become more muscular. I’m not saying its impossible but if you are very thin and your father and siblings are all thin and or small, chances are that you will have a difficult time achieving your goals.

Its best to just be the best you can be and not emulate someone else. You need to consume AT LEAST 3000 cals/day. Do zero cardio. Focus on compound movements (those that use multiple joints like the squat or deadlift). Have lots of rest between sets, keep reps to around 6 per set. Practice proper form, target the large muscle groups (back, legs, chest, shoulders).

You do all that for a year with the same dedication that you show to your faith and I guarantee you will change your physique.


You are overcomplicating this too much. 1lb per week is a sane rate of gain. Pick a program, work it really hard and eat like your goals matter. For instance: if you don’t gain one pound in the next seven days your parents will disown and evict you.

Could you eat enough during the feeding window with that motivation? Treat your goals like they matter and go get a cheeseburger.

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I by accident Intermittent fast. But I eat big ass meals that are like 1000-2000 cals in a sitting because my body can handle a lot of volume of food at once. But this the only way you can IF and gain weight in my opinion. Total daily calories still high!

I typically eat at 7am and then again at 7pm. But I might snack on something during the day but only 2 true meals a day. But I eat like 2 chipotle burritos in a sitting lol. And also a stack of steamed veggies on the side, and maybe a few scoops of almond butter lol.

To clear the misconception, nothing is being done here to please God. I just want to adopt this way of a lifestyle because it is simple much more efficient and effective for me. I believe I can achieve my goals in life much, much better in this manner. :wink:

I’ll give you my body details in a day or two. My father is a very strong man. He used to carry woods on his back when he was young, and is single handedly doing all the grocery shopping, as well as help around at home. He is one of those physically and athletically gifted men. It’s probably where I get my footballing talent and sports leadership from. I hope that clears that up a bit. I want to get a body that looks like Jason Momoa in the end (Khal Drogo). My body shape is somewhat similar to him, and is my father’s. I know I can get a body like his in the end, because it’s very similar to my father’s, although my father isn’t as tall. The good thing is I have until mid May to get this plan right, and then begin my one year goal, but I want to get the plan done as quickly as possible so everything is on the right side of things. It’s just muscle and weight that I need to put on, but I need the right plan and routine, which I will post for you guys to moderate and help make it more realistic.

I also by accident intermittent fast. It’s the best way I can go on with my day. The problem is I don’t eat as much as I should to gain. I feel like I only eat to maintain.

This is simple, but not easy.

Eat more. Lift more weight and add more reps.

Not complicated at all.

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You need to turn up at the gym, eat consistently and sleep.

At the beginning, you just need to form these habits and your body will reflect your effort.

Yeah that’s the challenge I need to overcome since I’m not so enthusiastic about eating a lot. I’m gonna be uploading my expected workout plan, and maybe you can help see if it’s a realistic plan.

Yeah that’s true man. I want to turn this plan into a lifestyle, and stick by it everyday for the rest of my life (of course I’ll adjust it a bit once I reach my goal, but the plan is to keep the concept the same).

Yeah I see your point. A lot of these people have already achieved their body goals. I want to maybe try do it this way to then perhaps give others an insight on whether this is possible or not, which I strongly feel it will be with a right and realistic plan.

I take it you designed it yourself?

I look at the title of this thread, your approach to IF (and your unenthusiastic outlook on shovelling food in), your goal, and I honestly think “good luck buddy, you are going to need it.”

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Skinny people should not do intermittent fasting. It really is that simple.

If you’re super skinny and trying to gain weight, then as long as your ass is awake you need to eat.

I hate eating breakfast, but with my metabolism I won’t grow without it, so I choke that shit down every day (although I do use fasting-type diets when I’m cutting weight).

Fasting is great and really healthy in a lot of ways, but skinny guys trying to gain weight just shouldn’t be doing it.