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Workout Plan Needs Critique

Hey. I was hoping you could take a look at my current program.

the exercises I chose were the following:

  1. Squat clean w/ Thruster -SCT- (basically a clean, two front squats and a press)
  2. three-way dumbbell swing
  3. Hang Power clean
  4. Burpees
  5. Full range pull ups of various grips
  6. Front squats
  7. Sprints (I gradually build up speed until I hit what feels like top speed and then gradually slow down)
  8. Handstand Push ups against a wall

I go by a wednesday, friday, sunday schedule.

Wednesdays: 5 sets of SCT x 3 (w/ 80-85% 1rm of the press), superset with Three-way swing x 6 (30lbs dumbbell). afterwards, 9 sets of 5 full range pull ups, various grips, all with bar hitting the chest.

Friday: 6 sets of Hang power cleans x 4, superset with 10 Burpees. After, I’ll do 9 sets of 5 full range pull ups.

Sunday: I do a hybrid workout taken from two articles, the livitnov article and the hepburn solution for strength and power. Inbetween each set of 2 I gradually build speed till top speed and the slow down to a stop. After this i do more pull ups.

I plan on staying on this for a month to 6 weeks.

??? Sounds way different that what I’m used to seeing, but if it works then stick with it. I’m a big proponent of lifting heavy, so I usually stick with a modified WS4SB program. Is all of what you’re doing on top of training a MA?

Pretty solid. Just make sure to commit & keep a log. Hell, bump the page after your month/6weeks are up & blot down your progress.

Good Luck!