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Workout Plan Help

Hi all, I am wanting some help with designing a workout that is in the format of:
legs, shoulders, abs

I was wondering if anyone might be willing to look at what I have come up with and give me any tips as to if it covers all muscle groups I should be hitting?

Day 1:

Bench 5x5

push press 4x8
tricep extension 4x8

incline bench 4x8
dips 4x8

plank 3x45 sec.
jump squats 3x45 sec.

Day 2:

Good mornings 4x8

plank row 4x8/side
pull-ups 4x8

wide grip seated row 4x8
ez bar curls (wide/narrow) 4x8/grip

iso. pallof press 3x8/side
roman chairs 3x8

Day 3:

Deadlift 5x5

walking lunges 4x8/side
bent over DB lat. raise 4x8

RDL 4x8
SA DB OH press 4x8

Hanging leg raise 3x8
barbell russian twist 3x8/side

rower 4x500m sprint


What you do is use the search function and use a program by someone that is way more educated then you in the matter. Also, a program that will follow your goals.

You use said program for at least 3 months and learn. No, you are not allowed to make any changes.

I think you’re spending too much time on your upper body. I also think you should do “dips” first on the chest day because you have to keep your body stable and it is a very tiring exercise, and some argue better for building your chest than the bench press.

Okay, thanks guys. I just don’t even know where to start when it comes to searching for programs. I have been lifting for a while now, but am bored with my previous program. I’ll keep searching.

I asked a somewhat similar question a few days ago and a lot of people pointed me towards 5/3/1. It’s a program or set of them designed by Jim Wendler, there’s an e-book that’s definitely worth reading, I read it in a day.
What are your training goals?

you say you want a routine that follows a push/pull/legs format, and then propose a full body routine.

Rather strange, to say the least.

Do this instead

Thanks! I’ll check it out.

My goals are to be leaner, stronger, and keep endurance. Previously I was doing this routine:

Day 1:
dead lift 5x5

walking lunge 4x8
renegade row 4x8

pull through 3x10
DB bench 3x8

Day 2:
front squat 5x5

SL hip thruster 4x12/side
SA DB press 4x8/side

hamstring curl 3x8/side
supine lat pull down 3x8

facepulls 3x12

Day 3:
Bulgarian split squat 4x8/side
seated row 4x8

RDL 3x8
DB bench 3x8

standing cable lift 3x8/side
russian barbell twist 3x8/side

I just want something new but have enjoyed this type of pairings. I am quad dominant so was trying to active my glutes and hamstrings.

It seems to be primarily strength focussed so I’d say it fits your goals, I’ve heard nothing but good things about it.
Good luck with whatever you do.