Workout Plan for Water Polo

I am a 17 year old athlete. Im on the Canadian water polo team and am looking to build some size on my frame. I am currently 6’2, 170 and am looking to get overally bigger with a focus on leg power since that is what i use as a goalie. Anyone have any excersise suggestions or regimes?
Thank you.

I played Division-I water polo at Cal.

Nothing like sticking to Olympic Lifts to develop explosive power to pop out of the water to block shots. I would suggest doing them from the knee/hang as this motion will almost exactly replicate the movement your body will go through when popping out of the water. No need to go from floor.

If you play in the field, I’d add specific grip strength drills to be able to control opposing players.

BTW - for all you swimmers out there, Oly lifts will definitely help you develop powerful turns off the wall.