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Workout Plan for Soccer

Hey guys my name is omar.
Height: 180 cm (5’9)
Weight: 73.6 kg ( 162 pounds )
Bodyfat: 10.5 % ( not sure, the results based on a body composition scale, dont know if they accurate )
Lifting Age: Even though I’ve been lifting since a very long time ( mainly bulking ) i still consider myself as beginner.( photos below)
Latest routines: since beginning of the year i had a bulking phase for month or so and then cutting/condition for a month and now back to the bulking.
1 RM:
Activity level/ season timing : ( not playing for a team ) i train for a hour or two for my technical abilities and i play matches twice a week ( 6 sided ) ao my activity lev is medium.
I might stop training in order to focus on strength training if that what is takes.

My story is very simple, i’m a soccer player ( attcker) and i have a trial in dec and i really worked hard in terms of tactical and technical. I need to separate myself from others in every aspect, so i need to improve my self physically.

Ultimate Goals:
General: Being Athletic In every way ( explosivness aesthetics conditioning agility mobility flexibility )
Bodyweight goal : 176
Bf : 7 %
Explosiveness ( very important ) : increase in vertical jump ( 40-45 inch jump ) and sprint speed
Mobility,flexibility and Agility

All im looking is for some advice here guys. Because where i live they lack the knowledge in these things so i either cry about it or do something and here i am. I know i wont be able to achieve all of my foals by dec but that is why im looking for is a yearly plan. And im intrested in hybrid type training ( strength conditioning hypertrophy ).

Finally, i would really appreciate it if you guys helped in any way or form.
Thanx in advance.

Juggernaut Method. Use a template with jumps etc.

Try looking into 5/3/1, it was designed by an athlete for athletes. The base of the program will definitely get you stronger while proper conditioning and assistance exercises will improve your explosiveness, agility, speed, endurance, etc. Tnation has a few articles regarding it which will help you get the gist of it. There’s a whole forum dedicated to it so a lot of people must have had extraordinary results.


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Honestly weights really not that important for football -look at Neymar, Thomas Muller etc having a huge cardio engine and great sprinting ability are king(as im sure you’re aware).

Just do tons of sprints rotated over various distances…

Gym work like this twice a will week suffice…

I agree. For soccer players, they aren’t tackling anyone or taking hits so they don’t really need to be big or strong and this is extremely evident if you watch any professional game. The only time I saw a muscular soccer player was the German goalie in the world cup back in 2014.