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Workout Plan for Ex-Football Player for Soccer


Hi everyone,
I used to play football and now i am changing and play soccer. I am over weight right now and work on my diet to loss weight i am 6'3 and 285lbs i want to be in six month around 200/210lbs the only problem is that i dont know which workout should i use, and to be honest i am afraid to do a lot of weight like i used to do in Football and i try to loose weight and not do a gain and put too much i used to bench 325lbs easy and i literraly looking for help, because i am going to play goalkeeper so, i dont know which program should i used or wich weight should i used because i dont want do heavy stuff.

thank you so much for helping me.


Soccer is not about benching or squatting. Any look at professional soccer players will tell you that.


Just work on your diving skills. Get a drama coach.


As a goalkeeper work on jumping strength and your reflexes. Weight training has pretty much nothing to do with soccer. I played soccer for 13 years or something like that. I did start weigth training at the end but not to better my performance as a player. At 6’2 and over 200 pounds I was actually pretty much one of the biggest players on the field in any game. As an inner defense guy that was okay but usually soccer players aren’t big at all. I also played as a goalkeeper but was lighter at that time.

The only training I would recommend in retrospective outside of conditioning, sprinting and skill work is stuff to keep your knees healthy and stable.