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Workout Plan Critique, Goal: Lean Muscle Gains

I’m almost 27 years old. Male. 150 lbs. About 12-14% body fat. I just finally got back to 150 lbs after a year recovering from major weight loss from getting mono for 2 months (I was 130 lbs). Now, I’m kind of stagnating with weight gains. I even upped my calories intake to 3000 calories from 2800 calories. Still, not much, it keeps going up or down between 149 to 152 lbs. I try to add 5-10lbs of weights if I can to my exercises for progressive overflow. Am I overtraining? I want to get to 170 lbs of lean muscle with 10% body fat. I workout every day in the morning for an hour to hour half (Saturday is an active rest day). I do 8-12 reps. Mostly 12 reps and if I can do 12 reps, I up the weight until it’s more like 8 to 10.

Here’s my plan:

This bullshit coupled with the diet posted in the other thread is a guaranteed recipe for failure.

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The program is not good.

Can you tell me what’s wrong with my diet and/or routine? I want to learn from my mistakes and educate myself…

Care to share what’s wrong with it? Is it too many exercises?

Too many exercises, no rest days, just an absolutely ridiculous workout program. If you think you have a hard time gaining weight now, just wait until you give your body 0 recovery days and injure all your joints in the process.

Edit: I see you DO have a rest day…
…where you do 30 sets.

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I think I got carried away with trying to target all my body parts and thinking that I’m not training hard enough, my active rest day is doing full body but very low weights, I keep getting mixed information of whether it’s good or not to have active rest day, maybe just a 30 min jog or walk for rest day

Clearly you like high volume and high frequency. That’s okay. Your programming is over the top but not everyone thinks you can only do 3-5 days a week.

Give this a shot. 6 days a week. Read the entire article, run it for 2 months and evaluate how you feel.

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Okay, I’ll check it out and try it. Thanks

Who comes up with these ridiculous programs? What the fuck is this shit? I’m very sure they don’t train. Is this program an example of what internet experts are calling “typical bro splits”? If it is, you are being fooled by idiots, both the ones who write these “bro splits” and those who tell you “bro splits” suck.

Haha, I actually made the program myself. I definitely got stronger but just recently started slowing down and stagnating with progress

But what made you write a program like this? You didn’t just come up with it with no rationale. What were you reading?

Too much volume. To many redundant exercises. Not enough food! If you want to gain weight you have to quit counting almonds and eat the whole damn bag!

Do this…

And this…

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I have a friend I advise and routinenly berate for using programs from a certain web site. What the OP has listed looks very similar to several on that site.

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My god…

Is adding lean muscle mass (hypertrophy) your only goal?

Have you started weighing your food?

Also @dt79 not sure how the Fuck that site has such a following considering how big of a shit show some of the programs look like on that site.

I used to work out a lot less intense and made great gains (it was high weights and low reps/sets). Then I read online with mixed information that more hypertrophy and volume makes more muscle. Also, all my friends that lift tells me to work out even more and add more exercises and change everything every 4 weeks. I mean, they look bigger but again, they are taller, so they appear bigger than me. So I guess I got more encouraged to listen to them figuring I am wrong and they are right, well that was a mistake. On the bright side, I did gain more muscle but I could have gained more for sure, I definitely got more endurance than before for sure.

Yeah, I got a gram/ounces food measurement tool.

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How big are we talking? you talking about guys near 200 or over or guys that hover around 170 lbs leanish at 6 foot.

why would you quit a program when you were seeing results?