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Workout Plan Advice

i was wondering if someone could offer some advice for my workout, and also advice on what to do on off days bc i really get bored and want to hit the gym. also keep in mind my left shoulder limits my overhead movements, and i will be giving it a few weeks off (will replace my 2nd chest movement).

height 5’8, weight: 165, bf 11%. coming off LC approach, having Surge during/post wo, creatine and glutamine

day 1: back/bi

weighted pullups, starting w/45 lbs, increasing 5lbs/week: 4x8 (or fail)
bent-over rows, 2x10 normal grip, 2x10 inverted grip
db curls: 3x10
face pulls: 3x15
cable pulls w/rope, 3xfail (drop sets)

day 2: chest/tris

bb flat bench:

decline db bench OR chest press


tricep pushdowns w/straight bar:
2x15, 2x15 (normal & inverted)

2xpush ups to failure

day 3: off

day 4: legs

5x5 squats (250, increasing 5lbs/week)
3x20 leg press
3x20 calf raises
3x15 db swings

day 5: off


any thoughts on what to do on days 3 and 5 (this is a bulk) and advice on what i could do better would be welcome

thanks again

Well, when your bulking, its always good to include some cardio. It helps minimize fat gain, while also improving your conditioning levels. You can do the long/slow, or the short/hard approach. Better yet, use both.

The sky’s the limit, but you could use:

-jump rope
-outdoor running
-basically and machine

GPP is interesting because it can help increase recovery. It improves blood flow to your muscles, where traditional cardio doesn’t do it as much. For GPP, you could include:

-Bodyweight exercises done in circuit fashion
-Sled drags
-Heck, even yard work or cleaning the house.

Again, the sky’s the limit.

Hope this help :slight_smile:

i definitely think i’m going to do one day of long/slow (which i did today, walked 4 miles), and another day of gpp. great advice, i think when most people bulk it’s an excuse to forget cardio and eat ad libitum. as an ffb, i can’t really afford not to.

how does my strength training program look? i know that i don’t include deads, but i could alternate cycles with squats possibly, as i care less about leg size as they’re bigger than my upper body.

What’s wrong with your shoulder? You might be best resting it completly for 2-3 weeks although since you have a hard enough time even taking one day off I know this is pointless to even mention it.

If it’s a strength program, then I would have to say the reps are way too high. Apart from the 20x1 squat workout, I’ve never really seen programs with a rep range of 15-20. 12 is generally the max for hyperthropy.

Squats do alot more then just build leg size. If your bulking they should be a key part of your program so I’d leave them in.

And for your days off, make them days off. Recovery is necessary. No need to do more then 6days/week.

yea i probably should rest it completely. it is painful when i rotate my arm, thus i think it’s a rotator cuff issue. hopefully it’ll be ok with the minimal work i exert on it; if it still hurts i’ll have to reconsider.

as for the leg program i just enjoy killing my legs with the pressing after the heavy squats, i guess i could just lower it to sets of 12.

would gpp really not aid in my recovery on off days?