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Workout Partners: Helpful or Hinderance?


Topic says it all. Discuss.


Helpful on Chest day. Thats about it.


I don't have one right now and finding a good partner is awesome yet 90% of people suck.


good for hiit cardio
that shit is 100 times harder
by yourself


Depends on the person.


I've had a workout partner that was slightly less experienced than me and I lifted more than him. I guess he always felt the need to push himself to lift near my working weight. His drive and motivation to get stronger really rubbed off and we ended up pushing each other. Great work outs, lots of intensity, no bullshiting. We knew what the other was capable of and did nothing but made sure the other improved. Times changed and so have our schedules so we don't get the time to lift together as much. I've had 2 other workout partners that I never really "clicked" with or just down right held me back. I had to cut them off.

Workout partners can help ALOT if both goals, personalities, drive and motivation all match up, but otherwise they can pull you down. Of course they're always good for when you just need a spot during heavy lifting.


Hindrance. Nuisance. The worst type of distraction known to humankind.

GTFO. Don't even look at me. I will bite you!


This pretty much sums it up.


Not helpful, I rather workout alone. I like to stay in the zone and focus on my next set rather than talking about what you did/doing this weekend. I'll ask for a spot, on a rare occasion.


on chest, shoulder, and leg days a partner is invaluable. otherwise, overrated.


YOu know, you could have just quoted me and put X2.


I'd ask one for a max lift (1rm) but most gym goers are really a piss so won't even bother.


I'm going to train with a partner when I DC, just for ensured safety. Other than that, I just like working off of my own rhythm.

Plus everyone I've ever worked out with used different poundages so there was forever between all the sets.


but he also said shoulders and leg day. You just said chest day. Should I write x2 because we both wrote the word "you"?


My last lifting partner caused more harm than good so I'm lifting alone now. That being said, I definitely think it has helped along the way with better lifting partners. In high school weight training, we always worked in partners which was nice because you always had a spotter and you could really push yourself without worries. Now, I think it'd be tough to find somebody with just the right mix of effort, intensity, and smarts.


I workout at my school with the rest of the football team that isn't in a spring sport. Although they're not really workout partners, there is a underlying tone of competition pushing everyone to try to get strong, well, pushing the people who at least care.


I've only trained regularly with one person ever so far and he was a friend of mine at school that's also in the military and graduated although he still shows up sometimes to do deadlifts with me:D

Yeah he was the only person that would actually push me to go train harder we both made gains because of this. We came from the same place also which helped, being obese that is haha


The right training partner is priceless. The wrong one too expensive.




I work out with my buddy from work occasionally, he's actually one of the few good lifting partners I've had. He's been lifting about 6 years longer than me, but does everything I tell him and doesn't argue or complain, he just does it.

It' been just as fun to watch him grow as it has been to witness my own improvements.

And of course a spot is always nice.