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Workout Partner?


I have no WO partner. I work out alone. Some recommend a partner, but I cannot imagine having one.

I have some questions for you if you have a workout partner.

What happens if you need to go to the gym at a different time, or do you sych up your schedules?

Do you also develop your programs so that both of you go on the same day of the week? Or do you go with your partner even if you don't have a WO scheduled that day?

How the hell do you manage all this?


Our schedules have the same time window so that we both go at the same time. We do the same program. If there is a day one of us can't make it we go alone and complete the workout on our own.

Not a big deal, but sure is easier with a partner to watch your back.


If you have no WO partner and can't imagine having one, then why the hell do you care why other people have one? What's the point of this thread? Different strokes for different folks my man. Some people flourish with one and others are best alone. This has already been talked about to death on this site.


Ive always worked out alone until this week.

My roomate wants to start bodybuilding.

So We are workiong on our cores doing Total Body Workout. Hes bulking Im cutting.

Its different working out with someone, but in my teaching him and watching his form and training him..Im re-emphisizng so much my own workouts are getting alot better.


I love working out alone and couldent imagine having a partner. I do like having one of my buddys up there at the same time as me though, in case I need a spot and to bullshit.


Currently I have no workout partner. But in the past, I have had them. The hardest part is finding a good one. The one I just left, got my bench higher than was possible and we worked together to design the routines. We switched it up every 8-12 weeks, so on plan would be more powerlifiting(his area) and the next would emphasis more body building(my area).

Sometimes we would do a combination. I enjoyed having a partner, but I forgot how much faster it is without one, which is nice too.


I prefer working out by myself. I bull-shit less and get more work done in less time.

The only thing that takes a little more time is setting up the pins in the power rack so I don't need a spotter, but that's easy enough. Works for any exercise.

I never understood why a gym would have 10 benches but only one power rack.

On the other hand, having a training partner could help with staying motivated. I'm more likely not to skip a workout if I know someone's counting on me to be there.

It all depends on the partner. My last training partner never understood why I would pay attention to my rests between sets and would even start asking me non-workout related questions while I'm in the middle of a set, and he'd get pissed if I 'ignore' him because I didn't answer right away. He still uses whatever brand new supplement comes out without researching it, and has never squatted or deadlifted (any variation) in his life.


I train with a partner every Sunday, but alone during the week. Since I started training with people I can't stand to workout alone. I find it much more enjoyable, and I progress a lot more with people critisising me and helping me. Although I guess this is only useful if you are training with people who have more experience than you. We always start our workouts together at a set time, but finish at different times depending on what we're doing. If I was always able to train with a partner I would, but sadly it's just not practical.


I couldn't have said it better, SWR.
A good partner keeps you motivated and less likely to skip a workout, watches your form, spots you, and pushes you to improve.A bad workout partner will drag you down.
Unfortunately, it is VERY hard to find a good workout partner. Even harder to find one with the same goals.


Same here. I haven't had a partner since high school. Only now my 15 yr old daughter wants to start lifting, so starting next week, I have a lifting partner.


What hasn't been?

If every post has to hit new ground every time, this will be one very quiet forum.


ah...You have a good point there my man...But has anyone here talked about aliens from outer space who only want to work out on Tuesdays when the moon is full? I bet not... :slight_smile:


that last one is a good point...having someone there can also improve your own technique etc...i used to workout with my mate back home and it was always comforting to know someone has got your back.

now i work out alone and while i started out conservatively im come to rely only on myself and now can do more than what i could then knowing now that that final rep is all me...kinda makes you stronger...still tho, i would like to have a partner just to help out if i need it...but im doing ok as is.


whenever i have a WO partner i never get as much done because i push them so much.My friend that passed away had a starting bench of 170 when we started an upper day and at the end his bench was 205,but i didnt get very much done :stuck_out_tongue:


I had one of those as a partner once. He was funny as hell and made the workouts go by fast but he was a terrible spotter.


Good partners that you sync with are gold but nothing will bring a workout down more than a bad one. I would say make sure you pick one carefully because getting rid of one is like breaking up with a girl, they allways get there feelings hurt. That's just to much drama for me, I will go at it alone and ask for a spot when I need one.

Later, T


OK, so NOW we've covered every single topic. Thanks sic!


You never know when your workout partner will happen. I workout in a small gym doing westside method, the only pler and one day this kid walks in with a westside shirt on. we've been training ever since. not all the time mind you, he's married and with kids, and i'm single, i get out from work at 3:30 , him 5:00 so i go later and we meet at noon on weekends when no one is at the gym. If you find a partner you both will have to accomodate each other. You definetly will get more gains from your workout because you have someone motivating you.


Good point.

Also, just because someone's your friend, doesn't mean he/she is going to be a good workout partner.


I couldnt have a WO partner as it would be too distracting. I can talk on and on, and I couldnt get into the zone while I was with someone I can chat it up with. I stay more mentally strong by being by myself.

Its probably harder mentally to be by ones self. But heck if you can push through it, hit the weights hard and often by yourself, it can build some good self confidence. I would be afraid to use the other person as a crutch too much. "Oh I cant go to the gym cause so and so is sick...."