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Workout Partner

Hey everyone, hows it going?! I’ve been working out for a long time (6 years on and off) and am at the tail end of working through some injuries (shoulder impingement) and have always worked out by myself, although i have gotten good gains and whatnot I think I would really benefit from a workout partner that is as motivated as me to really push me. My problem is the gym is so big with such a bad atmosphere (shitty music with just a bunch of small guys that dont really know what their doing). So I was wondering if you guys have any tips on finding good workout partners because all ive found is beginners who want to work out with me but all I would end up doing is teaching them how to train. I would just switch gyms but the gym I go to is basically free (its the university gym,the equipment is good, and it is really close. Thanks everyone. Oh Im 19, 5’7" 175 lbs (I know im pretty light) and my goals are to pack on mass and build strength my bf levels are pretty low but im definately not an ectomorph. Im in Victoria BC if anyone is interested.

How terrible that you should have to impart wisdom. Knowledge isn’t what you’re looking for in a training partner. Only one of you has to know what you’re doing. What you want is consistency and drive, in that order.

Presumably you lift often enough to determine who is and is not serious about the same. Find one who is, and made a new friend.


Headphones are the best workout partner. They don’t slow you down or drop plates on your toes. :wink:

But, seriously, what’s wrong with helping someone out? I’d rather take an extra 10-20 seconds rest between sets to ensure they’re using proper form and are not hurting themselves, especially if you say they’re all newbies.

However, I’m certainly not the workout partner type. I like to be focused and in my own zone when I lift. The only thing distracting is when I work out with my girlfriend. I can’t keep my eyes off her ass while she’s on the elliptical. :wink:

If you seriously want a training partner, follow the advice of the poster above.

Check out this like. It is an article from over at elitefts that addresses the topic of workout partner. It is called The Company You Keep.


I second the headphones! A must for focus in the gym!

As far as imparting wisdom, personally, when I’m in the gym I’m there for myself, not to teach anybody. I’m there to work toward my goals and to apply the wisdom I gather from this site and its members. If someone really wants to learn, turn them onto T-Mag.

Just my two cents!