Workout Partner in Arlington, VA

My job is taking me back to the Arlington VA area in July 2015. I am looking for a serious workout partner to push and be pushed in grueling powerlifting workouts. There are no power lifting gyms near by that I know of. I will be living near the Clarendon/Ballston area and have traditionally worked out at the Golds in those areas. I am open to trying other gyms for a good partner willing to push our limits at 0600 every day. Please reply here if you are interested.


I live in Bethesda and am a Gold’s member. I usually train in DC after work around 8 on weekdays, but could meet up elsewhere on a Saturday or Sunday. Current work sets for singles are around 425 squat, 315 bench, 500 dead. PM if you want to meet up to train when you get to town.