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Workout Partner Has a Photoshoot


I am helping my lifting partner get in shape for a photo shoot in People Mag and she just found out it is next week. I am not sure if there is anything for a female vs male in the quick cutting. She is doing 6 small low carb meals along with cardio and we are doing higher rep (not really dropping weight though). By the way I am male and know that there is hormonal diffs and that is what I need the most help with.

Any help or advice is needed ASAP and we will keep driving with our training.



If you move this post to the Muscle Sorority, I am sure the figure girls can give you some help. The women in this forum don't really ever worry about cutting, especially for a photo shoot.


Try as I might to render a sarcastic answer, I just couldn't make it funnier than it already is.


And that's saying a lot, coming from the Momma!