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Workout Partner at Penn State?


Hey Guys,
Anyone from Penn State who lifts in the university gyms looking for a training partner?

I've been lifting for about 1.5 years now, and I'm trying to build some muscle right now. I'm currently following Big Boy Basics by CW, and can certainly use some form advice and a spotter.


My timings are flexible, but prefer evening-late evenings.


Come on Jerry, really?


We'll I definitely know of some guys you shouldn't choose...


There's a great hands on assistant coach there that is really good with his technique. He's been known to take a special interest in beginners like yourself. His name is Sandusky and he'll show you the ropes, just don't drop the soap.




Oh well. Since I'm from Penn State, I guess I must include this from now on:



my "nephew" is coming there to play basketball for you guys next year. He won't be hanging with Jerry.


Too old for Jerry I'd guess.


he's 17, 6.7 and 240. I'm thinking he might hurt Jerry. And his Bodyguard (me) would make Jerry go missing :slight_smile:





ah c'mon.

Joe is more honest and upright that you (or I) are ever likely to be. But nice fallacy linking the presumed guilt of Sandusky to any judgment on Joe. They don't teach logic at PSU? I'll have to tell my nephew that.


He probably is, I mean't to be sarcastic about the university administration, not JoePa. I did phrase it very shittily though.


Assuming this is not a troll job...

Join the powerlifting club. I'm one of the officers. I can answer any questions you have.


Club email: psupowerclub@hotmail.com