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Workout Out 5 Days/wk for 2 Years. No Gains in 16 Months


@T3hPwnisher also has a blog (search for mythical strength on Google, I doubt I’d be allowed to link to it) in which he’s done a pretty thorough write up of the program and his experiences with it. From what I see there, the program is designed to do all of the above, with the possible side effects of death.


Oh yeah I didn’t even think about his log. I’ve been going through it for the past month but I’m still in 2017 haha. I’ll check that out.


I think I’m making the transition from lifting as a hobby to wanting to compete and make it a big part of my life, so I’ll definitely give it a look. Maybe not immediately, but after some time spent with 5/3/1 or something I’ll seriously consider trying it out.

And that’s the hardest for me to ever follow haha.


Thanks for that man I’ll check it out.


Been a lot of good discussion already, but to answer a few other questions, you can get the book for free of Jon Andersen’s Instagram account (just have to give them your e-mail), or it’s only $10 on Amazon kindle. Well worth it.

It’s an off season program. No focus on a sport; it accumulates a LOT of volume and helps with conditioning. I put on 13lbs in 12 weeks running it. I ate like it was my job during that time.

I ran the beginner and intermediate programs pretty much by the book. The advanced program I’m making slightly more strongman focused; replacing the full cleans with log cleans and the thrusters with viper press. I’ve also been using an axle for all the pressing and benching work.


I do like how this went from another whiny “you don’t know the troubles I’ve seen” post to a discussion of a brutally hard training program. Pretty appropriate.


Where the heck have you been? Or is it me who hasn’t been on here all that much? Lol


Training to be a badass in the army :smiley: I must say, it is working haha I’m on holidays at the moment now though. Although I’m about to go off the grid for another week today. Hope things have been going well for you Cybertron!


you’re also young, healthy, and not at the point where it takes a massive amount of food to grow. Most of the top guys in any of the strength sports will tell you that eating is the hardest part of growing. Lifting weights is the easy part.


I have no problem getting up to 3500 calories but if I need more than that then I start turning to dirtier foods.

I think the young folks who don’t understand are thinking of it in terms of unlimited treats instead of lean meats, rice, and veggies.

You still don’t count because you can eat junk like pop tarts and get away with it :wink:


I’m still trying to make pizza a mainstream fitness food.

It’s not working.


Unless you are Phelps


He fits a large one in for dinner every night lol


It’s pretty much all I ate yesterday and I lost weight. I guess if I wanted to do that everyday then I’d better start swimming for hours every day.


I can agree on the food thing. And I’m only 23. Trying to shove in 3,000 calories of quality choice foods, is difficult. Takes a lot rice and broccoli to equal
something I can buy from Taco Bell the size of my hand.

Lately I don’t even wake up early enough to eat, so I turn to pizza as well. Since we sell it like no ones business at my job, and the cheese and bread gives me such an energy rush. Then i eat all of the quality foods I have at home once I leave work. I usually don’t wake up until 1, so I stay awake until 3-4 in the morning.


Yes of course.

I’m well aware most of the top guys spend the majority of the day making sure they eat enough, and I’m not eating nearly as much as them and probably wouldn’t like it very much if I had to.

I was referring more to the teenagers on here who can’t seem to gain any significant amount of weight when beginning their lifting career - adding 5-10lbs or so has not been very difficult for me.


This is why I love this site. Thanks! Just downloaded the e-book.

If anyone if wondering here is Jon’s Instagram page:


Jesus, it does look like hell…


It is legitimately the hardest I’ve ever trained before. On more than a few occasions, I’ve considered giving up training as a result of it.


Lol, just reading it has made me consider taking up Zumba.


Second this. Ive always had great results in the gym for the most part, and never have I ended a session super sweaty, and Ill only be out of breath after the occasional AMRAP set of squats or deadlifts.

Sounds like you are still training like you did for weight loss, low rest and all buzzed up intensity.