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Workout Out 5 Days/wk for 2 Years. No Gains in 16 Months


8 sets of 4 with 70lbs on the assisted dip machine?!? What in the hell kind of programming is that?


Just stop lifting. Problem solved.


He literally has an entire training log devoted to telling, as do many others who have given you advice. If you’re actually interested in listening, and following the advice, you might have to swallow your ego and admit that what you currently know and do isn’t working for you.


I’m new here, and have zero muscle but couldn’t help myself from commenting on this.

How in the world can people manage to find a place like this, make it to the gym repeatedly, for a long time at that, and not weigh food and track calories/macros.
Why would you waste all that time, energy, and money just to guess if you are actually doing anything or just spinning your wheels.

I’ve been here (lurking mostly) for almost a month. In that time I’ve bought a food scale, 20 meal prep containers, and logged every single freaking gram of anything minus water that goes into my body.

It’s literally the first question to EVERY “blah blah I can’t make gains” thread/post… are you eating enough?


He understands you are not making progress, and that one of the reasons for that is likely that you are not programming any form of weight progression. I believe you have the two terms confused.


Eh I don’t. I have measured my food twice in the last 3 years for about 3-4 days each time just so I have a decent idea. If I had to measure my food before eating everytime, there is no way I would continue.


I’d imagine if you went a while with zero progress you might look into your food though lol


Yes I definitely would! I would try to control a few of the variables as well. Keep my training the same, sleep the same, stress the same and play with my diet. This way I may learn something going forward.


Are you still doing this? I don’t really know anything about it.


I honestly have NO idea how a person does not eat enough. I find so much enjoyment in stuffing my face with (almost) any fatty substance an American can find.



Week 15 right now. Still awesome.


The neuro article has quite a bit of information but did I miss where he tells you how to find out what type of person you are lol


you find it with the description for each type ? The type that fit the most yourself is your type


It will be the best decision youll make this year, if you decide to do it.



Just did a quick search on it - looks like the official program is to be bought? Correct?

Without giving away too much, how would you describe it? Geared towards strength? Focused on a sport - powerlifting, weightlifting, Strongman, or everything? Any hypertrophy focus?


Go look at @T3hPwnisher’s log. He’s been logging his Deep Water workouts for months. It looks awful. I’m sure you can determine which training goal to which it’s geared after seeing the workouts.


Deep water is more of a change in mental aptitude as opposed to just a standard training program

Ive been super lazy with my logging but if you jump over like @JMaier31 suggested and see pwns log, youll see the hell that we put ourselves through

Without sounding like a stingey bastard, i already had an account with scribd, however if you get the websites free trial, you can just download it on there.

If you pursue lifting as a hobby or for enjoyment, youre not going to enjoy this. But if youre chasing self growth through pain and stress adaptation, and changing your views on life, then 100% do it.

As per what it targets, whatever you want it too.
Id have no problem doing it as a powerlifter, personally ive changed some equipment to cater towards strongman, and there is a lot of hypertrophic based training. Eg 10x10 at 70% of your true max is nothing to sneeze at, and thats in the beginners section of the program

The diet personally has been the hardest adjustment but its all about embracing it and adapting


Print this out.


Go to the gym change rooms and hang around until you see a big guy wearing gold chains and sunglasses.

Give them the ticket and say you’re looking for the good stuff that will lead you to glory, whole glory.

They’ll have all the answers for you.


Whole glory or glory hole😜 ?