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Workout Out 5 Days/wk for 2 Years. No Gains in 16 Months

I feel defeated. I give 100% every workout… Always super sweaty, heavy breathing, and DOMs for days.

I’ve tried changing programs, low weight, heavy weight, etc, etc, etc. I can’t progress past that beginner muscle I got.

Most would look at me and never know I go to the gym. I’m 6’2 and every gym day I have the smallest male arms at the gym, EVERY TIME…

I like PPL, but everytime I make a topic I either get modded or down voted… Yes for the millionth TIME I’VE READ THE WIKI MANY TIMES OVER…

I’m lost, and feel defeated. I can’t go another year of hard work and dedication for my progress pics to look the same as I did after first 6 months of beginner muscle

Diet? (What did you eat yesterday)
Workout program?



isn’t quite right for you. I’d do a workout like that when I’m trying to get smaller.


My first guess is you just aren’t eating enough…


There is no downvote function here.

Lying is a bad way to ask for advice.


6’2, 33yo,180lb…i do ppl.

Monday I did deadlift 5x5 but last set was a failure tried a weight I’ve never done before. DB row 4x10, curls 4x7/8, finished with chin ups 5,4,3,3,3.

Today DB press, 5x8/6, military press 5x5/6, tri rope 3x9/10, assisted dips 70lb assist 8x4

Leg day (Wed) I do squats 5x5, and some core exercises.

Rest Thurs, repeat Mon on Fri and Tues on Sat. Fri I usually change to single arm curls, Sat I do flys instead of dips. Everything else is similar. Really try to squeeze more reps or weight, no dice.

Don’t smoke or drink. I take over $100 of supliments a month. 2 protein shakes, bcaa, eat tuna, cottage cheese, eggs, chicken, 2 Greek yogurts. These are everyday

Well I used to be 265lbs 4 years ago. Lost it all looked anorexic so I started lifting. I still have a huge gut and when I bulk it gets massive…

I fell like I have a lot of body fat. But I do eat 6 times a day and a lot. Maybe not enough?

Won’t eating even more and lifts staying the same just pack on the fat? A year ago I got up to 190 and looked fat as shit. So I dropped to 160ish and now rebulked to 180.

This year I actually used a journal the whole year. I feel like I’m doing most things right but obviously not enough

This a indicator of a productive session how?


Well if you have the master code how to avoid all that sucky shit AND make progress please do tell

You’re training wrong and/or not eating enough.

You haven’t posted on this site in almost 11 months (BTW, you’ve gained 10 pounds since then, so you actually have had gains, contrary to the thread title) and you have no deleted posts.

Like Pwnisher said, either you’re just copy/pasting this into multiple forums and not paying attention to what you wrote or you have another account. BRB, taking a look.


yeah its called fucking weight progression


What part of I’m not making weight progression do you not understand?

Here’s a few things to consider:

  1. You’ve lost a lot of weight recently (over 100 lbs in 4 years), so it’s not surprising that you’ve lost/haven’t gained any muscle.
  2. Sounds like your workouts are high cardio intensity (based on your sweaty comment) and high frequency (5 times a week). Perhaps dropping your workouts to 3x a week and doing strength-based programs, like 531, would be a better option to put on muscle.
  3. Focus on getting stronger as your sign of progress, and not sweat or perceived intensity. If you add 100 lbs to your squat, your physique will show it.
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I don’t consider fat gains, gains. You can get those 100% without the gym.

My lifts are the same no matter what I try

which are what?

That thread is proof of zero gains. 11months ago lifts still the same even with gaining 10lb. I see it in my gut comparing the pics. Imagine 11 months 5 days a week, zero gains. How pathetic and depressing. I could be clueless and have the same results

Your theory has been shotdown

Do Jon Andersen’s Deep Water program for 18 weeks.


Aaaaand… it’s the former. Adios and good luck with the muscle building. I’m sure the “crews” at bb.com won’t steer you wrong.


Why are people happy to “prove” they can’t succeed? It’s a weird goal.

My only advice for all these threads (that are the exact same thing) is to have some expectations of yourself.


I always call into question the efforts of someone that claims they give it their all in the weightroom but can’t be bothered to take the time to write an original opening response when asking for help.