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Workout on Thanksgiving?


you guys taking the day off for thanskgiving or what? i had to find a friends house to go to so i could get in my workout lol.


Nah. My gym was open..so I was REALLY happy to go-- thinking it would be dead empty. Suprisingly enough as I arrive theres like only 1 fucking parking spot left for me. I really hate a packed gym.

Oh well, stil had a great workout.


I scheduled my week so it is a day off.

So much more to life than missing family, friends ,football, and food for the gym


Well, luckily for me my routine calls for arms today, so I'll be able to do my workout at home.

My gym is closed and I don't have a power rack or very much weight at home so it's going to work out great.

Just think about how much better everyone's workouts should be today. You'll have had tons of food and probably a good nap after eating all that turkey.


I just got back from the gym from an ABBH 10x3 day. I figured I could feel no guilt when I sit down at the dinner table in a few hours. (But I WILL be avoiding the desserts.) Looks like several people had the same idea I did--both in the weight room and the cardio area.

What bugged me was that the place didn't open at 5:00am as usual, but was open only from 8-1. Huh? Is that because the employees wanted to enjoy the traditional "Thanksgiving Breakfast" with their families? Thanksgiving is a holiday that focuses on fun later in the day: dinner and football games. I would have thought that starting early and ending before noon would have been more sensible. Oh well, what can you do?


Did you work today?


No workouts today. It is the annual Thanksgiving Football Game for me and my buddies..

Good game, no broken bones or significant blood, not much more that I could ask for.

My whole body is sore right now though, and I got sacked a couple times, so my head is kind of throbbing. But I will probably take off through Monday after the brutality that ensued today....


ah you couple guys who had your gym open are lucky, i was trying to find someone the last couple days that would let me go to there house and workout before thanksgiving


Just got done about 30 min ago. Good workout in my home gym.


I'm on day 4 of a modified V-Diet, so I just got back from my workout. So far strength has been consistent, and weight/fat loss has been very encouraging.

I've been going to the same gym for a couple of years now, and recognize all of the "regulars". There's a concensus that Thanksgiving day and the days before Christmas and New Years are the days that signify true dedication.

We all end up playing a game of "how long do you think they'll last" on New Years day watching all the people w/ their New Years resolution signing up. Typically it lasts about 2-3 weeks tops, then the majority of new people stop showing up.

I'm guessing this phenomenon isn't rare. What do you guys/gals think are the days to show up that define true dedication?



haha yah every year theres always new people that sign up and its always packed right at the bggining of the year. it seems to last like 1 month before they all stop going

as for dedication i would also add the days where there has been a bad snow storm show good dedication.


Quite honestly, the days you mentioned are looked upon as amateur days by our group.

In fact, from now until the 2nd or 3rd week of January is always busier than usual at most gyms.

It's a real pain in the ass when you are used to a pretty steady group at our given times, and now people are everywhere.
And they're the uneducated, less etiquetted gym group as well. Jump in on you. Leave the weights on. Curls in the rack. There was actually a guy 'benching' 2 days ago with 4 tens on each side----4 tens!


I usually get together with a good friend of mine and train on Thanksgiving. It's our way of continuing to not give in to the "kick back and be a pig" mentality that sweeps the nation.

Not that hard working people who train can't take the day off. I'm talking about those who seem to eat for a living.


Hah - yeah, I know what you mean. I think at my gym, those days I specified are reserved for the rest of the world as either:

  1. Its a vacation day, let's sleep in.
  2. Hey, there's a football game on, let's stay in.
  3. I'm about to eat a huge meal, I need to relax on the la-z-boy and "prepare myself".

So basically going into the gym on those pre-holiday or holiday dates aren't exactly on most people's priority list.

My biggest pet-peeve with new people ruining my routines? I hate it when people don't rack the dumbells in order! With only about 1 pair of weights per 5lb incremement, I hate wasting my time tracking down dumbbells because some guy thought it'd be cool to do DB curls at the squat rack...