Workout on First Cycle

Your 20 years old in your 4th year of med school?

Ya i guess they do things very differently in turkey.

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I’ll be 21 soon my bday 18.10.98
and Its not 't’urkey racist retard…
Wtf wrong with you, i asked for help and you trolling like old faggs

I’m with you bro! I say up the dose


I’m so confused I’m racist because I said I didn’t know you could be 20 years old in your 4th year of med school in Turkey?

Your gonna make a fine doctor one day

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I guess they dont have maps in med school.

Lol. You know what you said… Whatever dude im not gonna reply you and your friend anymore. Gl

I know some guys in the Middle East and they are all on gear from the day they start lifting. The advice “don’t do it too young etc.” doesn’t matter to them at all. It’s a lot easier to get gear there too (I heard nearly none of it is good).

You can buy sustanon from pharmacy store but not that easy. Its limited production for avoid abusing. There is too many underground test p/e and other drugs but i never buy it.

This is what I said.

This is your response.

It is turkey the country on a map is called Turkey

Unless of course Google is a racist retard as well the i send my apologies from both of us.

Listen son in the USA we call it Turkey. I understand your spelling and pronunciation might be different then ours but here’s a little education to add to your medical career I suggest becoming a little more cultured before going around accusing people of racism and sounding ignorant.


i know it, Turkey and turkey is different thing

Because I forgot to capatilize the T you assumed I was somehow being racist reffering to your country as a turkey(animal)

Are you sure you are in your 4th year?


Na don’t delete your post now doc. You want me to Troll I can do that I was giving you good advice and you got all defensive and soft.

For someone who is a medical student and knows everything about hormones and steroids you’re making some very stupid and uneducated decisions. I hope for your future patients’ sake you mature quickly.

I delete this bc dont like the photo of my country near of an animal photo and im not doc. yet i have still 3y to be a doc.

If you’re in Turkey then you have access to good quality pharma at very low prices. If you’re dead set on running a cycle then skip sustanon and get a shorter ester at least. There are two good testosterone enanthate options that are widely available there, one from Iran and one from Turkey. Look into that instead of sustanon. Because as someone else said, that’s the wrong blend for a shorter cycle.

I look at it as an experiment actually.

What is this thread, I don’t even?

Not good idea, there is too many fake gears on there and pharmacy only selling sustanon. Its cheap for you but not for turkish ppl, 1$=5.73tl

Thx for the replies. Im decided not gonna do it now maybe will do next year before exp date come