Workout on First Cycle

Hey im 20 y. 176cm and 80kg male bf%13-14
Im doing bb for 3 years
gonna start my first cycle(sustanon500/8week) next month
Started stronglifts 5x5 today. I will do it for 1 month for more strength.
When im on cycle how should my training program be?

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I’m hoping it comes with a wage packet.

Too young.

What are your pre-bloods looking like? Rather good I’d imagine? Don’t fuck around with them whilst you’re still at the peak levels of your life.

When should i use
My blood levels are very good but i want to try this
You can see my cycle plan in my first article
So im prepared, bought pharmas
if i do good pct my blood levels wont same as before??

In your previous posts, you were advised that steroids at this point in your training career was a poor idea. Do you intend to keep asking the same question until you get the answer you want?


Poor idea for a first cycle. Your stats and age don’t justify using steroids.

Before using gear you should know your body enough to know how to bulk how to cut how to maintain. You should also know how to train for certain goals. How are we supposed to tell you how to train? Everyone is different…

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Train heavy for 10 more years and eat a lot more food; then have this discussion.

Sorry man, not giving advice on a cycle. Too young. You need a base first. Train heavy 5s, triples and doubles. Eat a crap ton of food. Get lots of sleep. Start living big if you wanna grow. Don’t run if you can walk, don’t stay awake if you can sleep.

Gear at this point will ruin you. Guaranteed.

I bought pharmas before articles
I gave much money, So what should i do with this pharmas

Donate it to your local gym. They usually have a steroid drop box located next to the squat rack.


Lulz. I just spat coffee over my White Walls. Fuck

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I’m going to go a little against the grain here and say that if you want to look like today’s Derek Lunsford or Chris Bumstead in their mid 20’s or Lee Haney when he won his first Olympia also in his mid 20’s then you’re going to have to jump on gear earlier than recommended. But they also have amazing genetics, work ethic and knowledge base to make good use of those compounds.

Based on your stats and post you are lacking in one, two or most likely all of those categories and shouldn’t be looking at steroids until you have your training and diet down to a science.

Your choice in gear and time frame is not optimal. For such a short cycle you’d be better off with a single short ester testosterone such as prop; or run a longer ester for a longer time such as enanthate for 12 weeks. You should wait until you can get some P or E. You could save the Sustanon to begin a proper long ester cycle in the future.

As far as your training: that comes down to what works for you and your body. I know that for me I wouldn’t use a 5x5 program for hypertrophy. I prefer higher rep ranges and a lot of volume, both physically and psychologically.

FWIW: in the grand scheme of things 3 years in the gym is nothing. I’ve been training much longer for various sports and am still learning new things about how my body reacts to different stimulus.

Get your diet and training in check first, especially now when your natural test levels are highest; then after a few more years come back to the steroid conversation. During those few years read, read, read. Read about steroids, read about PCT, read about diet, read about training. Read so much that you don’t even have to ask questions about your first cycle.

TL;DR You’re not ready.

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İ know everything about hormones and this kinda drugs im 4th grade at med school. Memorized it at 2nd and 3rd grade physiology, pharmacology, biochemistry… In addition i researched a lot at Scientific articles but i dont have any experience, just wanted to hear some experienced people.
And i wont use 5x5 while on gear, I felt the need to specify im trying 5x5. I normally do one area per day. I said gonna start injections 1month
later and i started 5x5 today and do it for 1 month.

There is no need to lie to us. You’re only going to do yourself harm.

What lie? I know the damages but as my teachers said

What is 4th grade med school? Is that 4th year?

I was wondering the same thing since he’s 20.

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My grammar is not very good
İts my 4th year on school
Im in Turkiye so maybe different system?