Workout on Cycle

I have mapped out a diet and was wondering how to change my work out on cycle… should I stay within the rep range I am on currently I use the 10 x 3 or should I use something different …I will be using Test E 250 per week and kick starting it wil Dbol 20mg a day for 4 weeks
the test will go through 11 weeks then to a taper as I have read on here I have alot of pct but If I taper I will minimize its use if at all. I have enough test for 11 weeks and then a 12 week taper I may not need a taper that long with using only 250 a week.

My question is would I benifit more by doing more reps per set and rely on volume … My goal is mass in the time I am on just to add as much muscle mass as possible. I will be getting about 400 grams of protein a day and a clean 3800 - 4200 cals a day. 12000mg fish oil a day . In that calorie count will be 1 gallon of skim milk a day.

should I stay heavy or use more reps for more Hypertrophy
I will hit the entire body 4 times a week and one day strictly for arms and traps/upper and lower. My torso develops very fast but I am needing arm work and trap work.

do the same rules apply on cycle as off as far as reps and sets?

lol i saw the name of this post and thought to myself: “people work out on their cycles?” or cCcle i shud say hehe

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I changed the title just putting this here so the post makes a bit of sense it did read cCcle instead of cycle

Here are a couple of my thoughts…

  1. Up your test dose to 500mg/week. IMO you won’t need 12 weeks for a taper off 250/500mg a week.
  2. Increase your calorie intake to over 5000/day.
  3. Train like a bodybuilder, keep your reps and overall volume high. You will be able to handle more weight as well but keep your sets/reps up. During this time your body will recover like you won’t beleive, your training intensity should be through the roof.

This question has been posted a million times, I know I asked the same thing, how should I train while on…

I think that high intensity strategies work best during a cycle…I would consider using drop sets on compound movements starting in the 4-6 rep range (after a proper warm up) and then dropping the weight and another 4-6 and then another drop…you could use this method on Bench, Rows, Squats. On direct arm work I would super set or giant set, bi/tri/forearm. I would not reccomend these on dead lifts, but would highly reccomend including heavy deads somewhere in your training. You can also use pre-exhaust methods.

If you never cycled before I would agree that you bump the test up to 500 although plenty of guys swear that 200 to 250 a week on 1st cycle did great.

Lastly, I would caution you to be careful and not injure yourself, because it is easy to do on cycle and the AAS reduce/mask pain.
Good luck…

Wow 5000 cals a day … I cant even imagine the amount of food … welll I can stick with my dies as it is and add another half gallon of whole milk that would do it thats an extra 1280 cals and I never get tired of milk. I will also be taking 20 gramsBCCA’s 15 minutes before my work out and 20 durring with a 50 gram protein shake to sip on.

                Thanks for the help