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Workout of the Day (Not Crossfit). Suggestions?


Hi, everyone i’m new , in the past week i used the layer system for my training and i loved it.
This week unfortunately i have less time to spent in the gym , and i wrote some “full body” routines.
This is the one i will use tonight:

warm up in.circuit
3x5 of pullups, plyo pushups,swings , box jump
Squat 5 4 3 2 1 +1 (pr attempt)
Oh press 3x intra set load contrast
Powerclean 3 x3
Krok rows 2 w up sets+1 working sets
Deep pushups with bands on wrists 100reps
Curl ss dips 2x8/10
Tabata Conditioning.
What do you think of this? Any suggestions?


What are your goals.


100 Push ups
100 Sit-ups
100 Squats
10 km. Run

Every. Day.


Strenght and mass. Not aestethics.


[quote=“fabio93, post:1, topic:228682”]
What do you think of this?[/quote]
I think that workout is very poorly designed. It’ll make you tired, that’s about it.

[quote=“fabio93, post:1, topic:228682”]
Any suggestions?[/quote]
I suggest you stick as close as possible to the fairly detailed program Thibaudeau gave you when you asked for his advice a week and a half ago. That plan only had 3 workouts a week, exactly like you asked for. Do you have even less days to train from now on? Or is this a “just this week” situation?


Thanks for the reply! I don’t know if it’s only this week. I am pressed by study and work. So i’ve designed this fullbody.


Goddamn Brady. Highland games, cleans, and one punch?! I think I love you man.


Also these are not proper goals. Go figure out what your actual goals are, then come back.


I’m a bit of an odd duck with anime, strength sports, carpentry, offroading, and mild recreational physics. It’s good to find kindred spirits.



@fabio93 your routine does not match your goals. It looks like something you would do to lose mass and build up your conditioning, or as Chris said to just get tired.

Strength gains come from lifting heavy weights with low reps and long(ish) breaks.

Mass comes from heavy(ish) weights and a decent amount of volume.

Your session doesn’t really have either of these…


Hope I didn’t interrupt anything betweens you 2! Haha


You gotta do this-

If you want to be a serpent overlord with deadly viper weapon arms.

Or you can follow Thibs direction if you want to get big and strong. Why would anybody ask for then disregard his advice?


Because they are usually spoiled kids who do not yet understand the value of having free coaches at their disposal. Or you know, something else.


Uhhhh fuck being big and strong. I have new aspirations in life!


No! Put them together- Hit a massive vacuum pose like a cobra then flay your enemy to pieces.