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Workout Objective Confusion

In an article by somebody, I wish I could find the reference now. Could’ve been Waterbury it was explained that there are 3 types of workout objectives.

You could either go for strength (no image), or a ripped (ribbed?) low carb look (see attached pix) or a bulk look.

However it was said these two were mutually incompatible.
Why must one look like either the ribbed or the big? Is there nothing in between?

I think what ur trying to remember is that someone wrote you can train for Strength, Size, or Fat loss. I can’t see how any author on this site claims the above.

Under most circumstances your body can either be put into a state of catabolism or anabolism: in a process of losing or gaining. There are exceptions but this is usually stated as a generality under normal conditions.

[quote]Gallienus wrote:
Is there nothing in between?[/quote]

99.99% of the human population is “in between”.

There is a great deal of debate on the merits of the bulk/cut cycling protocols. It’s usually considered best to decide which goal you desire most and focus on that first and foremost.