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Workout Nutrition

Hi all,

My question is if I can only afford 2 serves of a pwo mix eg Surge etc, say each 25g protein, 40+ carbs, how would I be best to use this?

I usually train 1 hr after I eat breakfast.

Option 1: 1 serve pre, other post
Option 2: 1 serve during, other post
Option 3: both serves post

Im leaning towards 1 or 3, but since I have bfast first I think 3 might be best. Any thoughts?

IMO out of those choices I would go for option 1.

Check out the other threads and from what David Barr has hinted at he has an upcoming article that will cobver this very topic.

Hope that helps,

Option 4: half serve before, half sipped during, whole serve after.

What do you eat for breakfast? If you have enough protein, then I suggest another option

Option 4: 1 serving after, 1 serving 45 minutes later.


Thanks for the replys.

I get about 40g pro and 60-100 CHO at bfast.

With Daves option how long after that 2nd shake would i want to eat my first solid meal if I was bulking?