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Workout Nutrition

During this bulking phase i wanted everyones opinion on what will work best while adding as little fat as i can.

During Workout= 24 oz gatorade
After Workout= 3 scoops surge

or… adding protein during and have it=

During Workout= 24 oz gatorade+ 1 scoop surge
After Workout= 2 scoops surge.

thanks for your opinions.

How about 2 scoops Surge during, 2 scoops Surge after, and nix the Gatorade?

Agree. Ditch the gatorade. 1 scoop during and 2 scoops after is what I love doing. Surge tastes so good I refuse go without it.

Yeah, definately mix the surge both before and after.

If you really must have something to drink during, I would suggest 1 scoop surge before, 1 scoop surge during (really diluted so you can drink alot) and 1 after. Which keeps with your original 3. Surge is certainly better than gatorade in every single possible way…

P.S. I read somewhere that gatorade is sweetened with fructose, which is exactly what you DON’T want. Havn’t verified this myself though…