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Workout Nutrition Wrecking My Stomach


Hey All,

I'm doing my best to replicate the ANACONDA 2 Protocol workout nutrition but don't have access to any Biotest products (South Africa).

I've pretty much got it as close as I can but unfortunately something in the combo is wrecking my stomach. I'm going to remove certain products from the stack and see if I can find the offending item.

I've had similar issues before and it's normally the carbs that are used in the mix.

70g Waxy Maize Carbs
90g Whey Protein
10g BCAA (on top of whats already in the whey)
10g Creatine Mono

I also take an workout energy drink Jack3d before this as well.

If the carbs are the offending item, any suggestions on what to replace them with during the workout or should I just leave till I can eat whole food sources post workout?




I'm gonna guess it's the jack3d that's doing it. That shit is loaded with caffeine and all sorts of stimulants or whatever. Waxy maize does some magical shit in your stomach so it shouldn't really cause discomfort. Have you had problems with whey,bcaas, and creatine before?


Will try today without Jack3d and see how it all goes, then if it's still the same will try a process of elimination.

Never had problems with whey, BCAA's before, sometimes a little stomach issues with too high level of Creatine Mono but I don't think its that.

Will see how the workout today goes and report back.


i second the removal of any energy/NO product (not sure what jacked is) b/c those things will rip right through most people.

with anything that is new, start with a low dosage and slowly increase until you get to your optimal dose.


if removing jack3d doesn't help, then try avoiding the creatine. (shift it to after workout). That would be a fairly easy modification.

If THAT doesn't work, I'd start to look at the waxy maize. I haven't particularly had luck with the stuff.


I've used waxymaize in the past, and I'd say you're better off swapping it out with just plain old maltodextrin/dextrose or maybe even oat powder.


waxymaize waxes my colon. It really did a number on my stomach. I think its a scam as well. Most brands just throw corn starch in a tub and sell it to suckers.


[quote]CrossTraining wrote:
70g Waxy Maize Carbs
90g Whey Protein
10g BCAA (on top of whats already in the whey)
10g Creatine Mono

Is this a pre/during drink? That's a lot of volume there. Not sure you need 90 grams of whey and 10 grams of creatine. Maybe 50 and 5, but that's just me.


I think you could do a lot better at copying the Anaconda protocol first of all, this is nowhere near the Anaconda protocol in terms of macros or type of ingredients, but that's fine. I just wanted to point it out since you said you're trying to mimic Anaconda II.

Guessing at the issue, I would say it's the 90 grams of whey. That seems to be way to much. 40-50 grams whey plus 10 grams BCAAs would be more than enough aminos until your breakfast, unless you're a mass monster. WMS always seemed like a scam to me because the quality/chemical structure is never known. Some ppl swear by it, but malto and or dextrose mix pretty well and are very cheap and they work well for sure. FOr these reasons I've never messed with the stuff.

Anywho good luck figuring out what it is that makes your stomach upset.


Thanks all for the replies and advice.

First thing I did was drop the Jack3d, as disappointed as I was to do this, it definitely helped things. I haven't had the same problems since taking it out and I have also dropped the amount of whey in the shakes and reduced the creatine.

I would love to make a better effort at replicating Anaconda II but unfortunately products in SA are not in the same league as US products let alone Biotest. Plus we pay approx 3/4 times the price for an imported American supplement than you guys do :frowning: Very sad state of affairs!

I'm going to scrap the Anaconda II replication as replicas are never as good as the real thing and will just try to tailor something to my body and the way it responds.

Thanks again all! Always appreciated!


This really is the best thing you can do. You can also adjust the carbs/protein amounts as the goals of your training cycles change.

Glad your stomach is doing better!


Crosstraining, why the extra bcaa? You are already getting around 30 g bcaa's from the whey. Just curious as to the reasoning for the extra bcaa. I would save your money on that and I agree with bulletproof and would switch off the WMS. Save money for quality whey iso and cheap carbs which work as well as any of the fancy special carbs that are being touted these days.


I'm pretty sure that whey doesn't contain 30g of BCAAs in a 90g serving.


Not meaning to highjack, but so I dont have to start a new thread.....

Would it be more beneficial to invest in BCAA's or Leucine? And what would be the best dosage?


Not that I can attest to a difference, but I prefer casein hydrolysate like MAG-10 or pepto pro.


Much more expensive though. I know a place where I can get pretty cheap BCAA's and Leucine. However I only want to get one as I'm on a budget. Technically the Leucine is cheaper but if BCAA's provide a different benefit I would like to know.


I'd like to know as well. I think leucine is supposed to promote protein synthesis and maybe spike insulin more than bcaa's. I figured bcaa were more "complete" I guess so I have been using them instead.


I'm not sure on the benefit of Leucine over BCAA's or vice versa but my whey doesn't have 30g of BCAA's in it.

In SA Whey Protein is actually mid range price wise where as BCAA's are actually a bit cheaper. After talking with a couple of natural lifters and an ex-Bulgarian olympic coach they all suggested increasing BCAA's.

They all swear to increased recovery and mass with extra BCAA's - I don't know if that's the case or not but I'm happy to give it a go as the cost isn't great.

I'm just idling my way into 2011 and will sort out everything in the meantime to be ready for 3rd Jan 2011.

New Year - New Goals - my target physique is Pierre Spies! For my American friends he's one of the most prolific and power rugby players in the world.


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