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Workout Nutrition While Traveling?

I normally use Plazma for my workout nutrition when at home and when on the road I usually take Finibars. But the Finibars are out of stock and have been for quite a while so I’m out. I suppose I could bring the Plazma with me, but I’m already bringing a bunch of other powders and pills. What do folks do for their workout nutrition on while on the road?

@T3hPwnisher could write an Ebook on this subject

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Appreciate the tag @kleinhound

@burt128 This was the bottom of my suitcase on my most recent 7 day work trip

There’s 7 cans of chicken, 15 packets of tuna, a bunch of macadamia nuts, pecans and pistachios, 30 grassfed beefsticks, 14 packets of “nuts n more” spread, protein powder, powdered peanut butter, some super dark chocolate, a jar of sunbutter, zero carb beef jerky, a 24 pack of 1 carb mini-tortillas, an 8 pack of 4 carb tortillas creatine and a mess of Biotest supplements all crammed into one container (Flameout, Alpha Male and ElitePro Minerals) along with some creatine.

The star of the show is this guy though

Because I have that, as soon as I land, I went out and bout 32oz of grassfed ground beef, 2 dozen pasture raised eggs, a carton of egg whites, 6 avocados, salsa, a bag of salad and greek yogurt, along with a few other odds and ends (canned veggies, hot sauces, energy drinks, etc)

Every night, for dinner, I had low carb chicken tacos

For breakfast, I’d have “steak and eggs” of ground beef, fried eggs, egg whites, fat free cheese, avocados and salsa with some sunbutter on top

Here is a photo of the cooking process

On the first day upon arrival, I spend that night doing a LOT of cooking to get prepared for the trip.


I’ve found my solution – find a way to travel with you! Seriously though, that food looks amazing, not even taking into account the fact you prepared it in a hotel. What do you do for right around the time you train?

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I train first thing in the morning, so I eat that breakfast I posted. I’ll either eat it before the training or afterwards. I also include celery sticks with nuts n more spread on them. After that meal, I’ll have greek yogurt with protein powder and powdered peanut butter mixed in, and then I was having a wrap with some turkey breast after that.

EDIT: Forgot to mention I also included some keto hamburger buns that I toasted in the 4" griddle and spread some sunbutter on . Sometimes I’d just eat that before training and then eat the steak and eggs afterwards.

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