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ok this confuses me and if someone would put light to it that would be helpful…

there are studies that show not to have food right before you work out because it will spike insulin levels (if im not mistaken), so you eat an hour before. if this is the case, then why in so many of the workouts here, do they say drink half a serving of a PWO during the workout and half afterward? youre drinking glucose while you work out, how would that NOT spike insulin levels? right now i drink water while i workout, and then have a full serving of a PWO immediately afterwards. what’s the smarter choice, and how does drinking a PWO during your workout explain all of the studies about not eating right before you workout?

Go to the think-tank section and read the triple-shot roundtable

Does anyone even BOTHER to read before they post?

[quote]michaelv wrote:
Does anyone even BOTHER to read before they post?[/quote]

Little cranky are we today?

I know it is real easy to get confused when trying to absorb all the abundant information available on this site. Especially when you have one ‘simple’ question. I’m sorry I can’t answer with any authority other than to share what I’ve learned and what seems to be working for me now.

I have been experimenting with pre and post- workout nutrition as I learn and read what I’ve found here. I workout when I wake up and am hypoglycemic so usually wake up almost shaky from low blood sugar. I find I do better with a little something. And I mean little like half a serving of yogurt or 2 egg whites or just a hard boiled egg with half a glass of milk. Sorry I do not like oats, no way I can get them down without a large volume of sugar in it.

Just recently I started using 1/2 serving Surge between the cardio and lifting phases of my workout. I’ve found that I have a more consistent energy/intensity level while transitioning between the two.

PWO I have the other 1/2 serving. The number one first day change was I did not feel like I needed a nap 2-3 hours after my workout. Mind you my entire bio rhythm is opposite the rest of the world since I work graveyards. So what works for me is probably completely wrong for those working during the right time zone.