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Workout Nutrition + Lactose Intolerance = ?


ive been wondering recently what others do to get a fast absorbing protein in that isnt
milk-based for PWO nutrition if they are lactose intolerant, like myself... any thoughts?

edit: i realize lactose intolerance is actually refering to the milk sugar not the protein, but most people, lke myself, have an allergy to the protein as well if lactose intolerant.




I’m “sensitive” to milk and have never had any problems with either version of Surge.


Well… I recently became lactose intolerant to glasses of milk and have been able to tolerate cottage cheese and stuff, but… I’ve been downing alot of casein hydrolysate recently and think it might be effecting me negatively, because I don’t have any problems with Whey protein isolate…

But, you can buy beef-protein isolate and soy protein isolate, or egg protein… and mix those with whatever carb for your para-workout nutrition.


What exactly are you using post workout? Even whey isolate (the genuine kind) doesn’t have any lactose (maybe trace amounts) in it. Surge Recovery for example uses whey hydrosolate, which also doesn’t have any lactose. For the most part, even those highly lactose intolerant usually don’t have trouble with these.

Just stay away from whey concentrate.


thanks for the input, right now ive just been drinking orange juice and eating some chicken or other lean cut of meat with a banana… best i could come up with. i wasnt aware there was beef protein isolate (where do you find a quality source?)… sounds interesting, ive used Surge and Metabolic Drive in the past, however they never sat well with me. To find out more i had a food allergy test done, and the results said im allergic to egg, whey, and casein proteins… bummer


there are plenty of other protein sources, even if they’re not optimal, you’ll have to make due.

gemma pea, beef, hemp, and rice off the top of my head. soy has a pretty bad rep, but that’s another choice.


I think I need a food allergy test done… after starting this new para-workout protocol I’ve got some bad intestinal distress going on… I think it’s from the large amounts of Casein Hydrolysate and various para-workout powders I’m consuming… it really sucks…

I guess I’ll try cutting out everything except solid foods for a bit, then re-introduce things one at a time to determine the cause… hopefully I don’t have what you have, cause if I do… that would suck… :*(



I tried to PM about this issue but I’m not sure you got it. Here is the short:

I have similar issues but the whey hydrolosate in Surge treats me fine. I have used it for a while with no issue and have recently even increased my intake to 2 servings.

I also use a waxy maize, L-luecine mix. I have tried oatmeal starch and BCAA. I can take egg protein but tend to use that for additional meals, not para training. I have a rice protein. Gemma protein messed my stomach up worse than whey. Beef isolate also caused digestive issues. Send me a PM if you want specific brands. I like Biotest and feel it a bit unethical to promote other companies’ products on their forum. Call it principle.

Although nutrition protocol isn’t as easy for us as others, there are options out there.