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Workout Nutrition For the AD?

what is going to be optimal for Pre and post workout during high fat days?

right now i just eat a typical high fat+protein meal for pre workout and afterwards i have ON Whey i wasnt sure if that is going to be enough or if i should just have a high fat meal instead?

I’d get some fat in there for sure…

ok since i usually take 5 fish oil caps and a tsp of flax oil PreWO ill just take the flax oil PostWO or even take 2

Hey dude,

I was under the impression that any fat in your post workout shake would slow down the absorbtion of the protein.
My current workout nutrition looks like this:

Pre workout - 30g WPI, 5g creatine, 5g BCAA’s

Post workout - 40g WPI, 10 g creatine, 20g BCAA’s(the high amount of amino’s spike your insulin just like high GI carbs do)

Post post workout meal - 8 whole eggs with salsa.

I have gotten fairly decent gains in size and strength using this style of workout nutrition…just letting you know what worked for me. But try a few different options and see how you body reacts I guess.

That’s heaps of creatine per day.
Apart from that, I’m considering starting the AD on monday and would be doing something similar with less creatine (perhaps just 5g PWO) and with some added glutamine that I have had lying around for a while.

DiscHoss has had some good posts on peri-workout AD nutrition in various threads, but I’m exhausted and can’t remember them all at the moment.

Gymjunkie’s thing is another option that might work for you, but as danchubb mentioned I’d also go with just 5g creatine post workout.

As far as I know, fat is important to have with your protein, especially on a diet like this.

And I’m not totally convinced that faster is always better.

You guys are gunna hate me for this, but here’s a typical example of my pre/peri/post while on the AD and a strength building program of front squatting heavy 3x per week, and heavy chins, rows, and BP 2x per week (3 week long program). This was 5 days on, 2 days off, heavy drinking and shitty eating on the weekends.:

I don’t eat after 6pm, wake up at 6:30am, no breakfast, work til 10, have one cup of coffee 45 minutes preworkout, take 10g bulk BCAAs before my mobility warmup.

Immediately post workout I take 15g bulk BCAAs (these have minimized my soreness).

I wait 1-2 hours and then have a post workout meal of steak, vegetables, and oils, with 5g creatine. Or eggs and bacon.

I then continue to eat whenever I get hungry until the evening. I take ZMA before bed. In my 3 week cycle I’ve gone from a 240lb to 275lb ATG front squat, and my carb depleted weight has gone from 176lbs to 180lbs.

But as I said, do what works for you, don’t be scared to try new things. Gymjunkie’s approach is certainly well-backed.

Disclaimer: My workouts, although high in frequency, have very low volume and only 6-8 different exercises.