Workout Nutrition for Poor Ass College Student

The title is somewhat self explanatory - I am a 22 year old male studying Physics at a London university… I am kept massively busy and my free time is mostly spent trying to keep up with the course I am on (I am near bottom of the class but desperatly want to study this!) so extra income is not feasable at the moment for me.

I am in need of some workout nutrition that will fit the bill for two scenarios:

  • Someone wanting to gain lean tissue.
  • Someone wanting to drop fat on a low carb diet.

The product I have found will not be named but is the best I can afford on my budget in the UK. The specs:

Per serving:
50g carbs (maltodextrin)
35.5g protein (whey isolate)
4g fat
6g bcaa (unknown ratios)
3g creatine (from monohydrate)

I was thinking something along the lines of:

1-2 hours pre: P+F meal (Im a fat sod)
15 mins pre: 1/2 serving or product
During: 1/2 serving of product
30-60 mins post: 1/2 serving with 1 scoop whey (gain) or 1.5-2 scoops whey solo with none of this product (cut).
60 mins after shake: P+F meal (train in evening).

Too little? Too much? Im weighing in at 93kg at present at a flabby 23% bodyfat.

Plan is to up food intake steadily along with activity from a basal intake of 3k calories a day fat gain starts to arise… by this point my metabolism should be ticking along nicely and I could start trimming off some fatty tissue.

Seems fine, all I can say is that your pre-workout meal better be 2 hours before rather than 1 hour. Otherwise the fat will still be digesting and screw up everything else in your routine.

you may be able to buy bulk whey, maltodextrin, and creatine mono separately for cheaper if cost is a serious concern. you seem to have a pretty good plan, train hard and you should see results.

i dont know if you have a meal plan at your school or not, but if you have to cook for yourself, i have some advice for the the p+f meal. buy a crock pot and put a 2lb beef roast, some cream of mushroom soup, and a bunch of mixed green veggies, slow cook for about 6hrs = healthy dinner for 2-3 days, delicious and cost effective.

Thanks for the advice guys =]

As for the P+F meal… sounds tasty as hell! But… Storage space in my fridge is limited rubs chin How many servings would you get out of that?

I would also recommend that you concentrate strongly on either bulking or cutting, not both. If you are a complete beginner you will be able to get a bit of both, but you’ll still do better if you focus on one goal.

Finally, if you are staying at a Uni hall you might be able to get away with getting seconds during meals - I did that for a while (staying at College Hall, one of the intercollegiate halls, last year). That way you can get a reasonable amount of protein (I haven’t seen a hall meal in any UK university that had enough meat for me) and just skip/limit the carbs if you’re not bulking.


When I tried thr original T-Dawg diet (years ago), even though my carbs fluctuated throughout the day, the figure i recall was 40g of carbs PWO, which is when I started measuring out frosted flakes, and eventually moving to the poptart PWO with whatever cheap Whey powder I could afford. If you’re low-carbing it, I figure you can get 40-50g PWO and still be fine (of course insulin sensitivity will play a role, but I’m sure you’ll be fine)


[quote]benmoore wrote:
Thanks for the advice guys =]

As for the P+F meal… sounds tasty as hell! But… Storage space in my fridge is limited rubs chin How many servings would you get out of that?[/quote]

What i described could get me “full” 3 times, so i would say at least three. If possible, put the whole crock pot in the fridge (will save dishes to wash and maybe a bit of space). i lived off of this and large batches of chile for the better part of a year.