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Workout Nutrition for GPP/Cardio?

I wonder wheter I should Consume Pre/Post Workout Nutritition when I perform my Extra Workouts.

I want to bring up my GPP loose fat and have a healthy cardiovaskulas system with them.

The look like this:

I. Mobility

-Dynamic Flexibility
Perform 4 Circuits of “Quadrupled Hip Mobility, Over Under Drills, Squat to Stand, other Dynamic Stetches”
Reps as feel

-Motor Control
Perform 4 Circuits of “Scorpions, Mini Band Sidesteps, Hip Correction, Floor Bridges, Birddogs” Reps as feel

  • Doggcrap Shoulder Rotations/Mobility

  • Terminal Knee Extensions with Band

II. Technique Work

Perform 5 Circuits of 5 Reps with just empty bar of the powerlifts.
Focus on Technique.

III. Shoulder/Rototor Work

Perform 4 Circuits of “Fasten Seatbels”, “Draw Sword”, Cuban Rotations, Bent over laterals, Face Pulls etc

IV. Core Work+Stuff

A1) 3 -5 Sets of Overhead Squats
B2) Some Sort of Calf Raise

Short Rest intervalls between exercises and pairings

B)3-4 Sets of Ab Exercises. Moderate to heavy

V. Grip Work

Do in 3 Circles:

A)Supporting Grip
Pick one: Hercules Hold, Farmers Walk, Cripper Hold

B)Pinch Grip
Pick one: Plate Pinch, Dumbbell Pinch

C) Rotational Grip work 3 Sets
Wrist Roller

VI. Curls for da Girls

Perform some Sets of Curls, Preferably in the Squat Rack

Anyone’s welcome to correct me if I’m wrong, but if I’ve read the research correctly, you can safely consume your peri-workout Surge knowing that all those proteins and carbs will be going to your muscles not your waistline. I tend to take half to one serving when doing cardio or GPP just to be on the safe side.

Sure peri workout nutrition needs to be addressed. Dont go into the session hungry. You for sure could use Surge prior,during and after. Or save it for after and make sure you had food a bit pre workout etc…