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Workout Nutrition Choices

Hey guys, just wanted to know what WO supplement you would use if you could just use one.
Mag-10, Surge Workout Fuel, or Surge Recovery
I’m low on money, so wanted to know what you guys thought would be best.
Thank you

It depends on what your goal is. I’ve never used MAG-10 or the full Anaconda protocol, however I’d like to try it out during my next mass gain cycle.

Surge Workout Fuel works great for me when I need lots of endurance. For example, long intense workouts, or intense cardio sessions. It gives your body what it needs to keep pushing.

Surge Recovery is a good for strength training if you’re looking to build muscle but don’t want to pay for the Anaconda Protocol.

In general, if your goal is strength training, building muscle, and an easy workout shake, I’d say go with the Surge Recovery. I like the taste and it seems to work well.

I’m sure the mods could give you better advice than I could if you tell them what your goals are.

This guy said he’s low on money!

The cheapest stuff is skim milk powder or Gatorade or juice with whey powder.

I highly doubt that the other stuff gives results that are discernible compared to what I recommend.

It still ceases to amaze me that people low on money prioritize this shit and invest MULTIPLES of prices compared to what can be bought for dirt cheap.

How about earning more money and using something cheap and then worrying about what is ideal?

@ ethanwest: yea, that’s what I was thinking.