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Workout Music


I am filling up my mp3 player and was wondering what music do my fellow T-brothers listen to while playing with iron.

Gimmie some good tunes...


Como, Miller, Dorsey, you know the usual stuff :slight_smile:


Well you cant forget Lawrence Welk :slight_smile:


gots to be some Barry White in there...you know, in case there's some fine looking females in the gym. You can throw your headphones on her and blam-o...She's all over ya!


Don't forget John Tesh and Kenny G!


Corrosion of Conformity


Alright, first non-TIC post of the thread. I could spend the rest of the evening writing a list of good workout songs. Here are some off the top of my head:

"Orion" - Metallica (first 4 min of the song kick ass - especially the intro)

"Let it out" - Hoobastank

"Judith" - A Perfect Circle

"Lying From You" - Linkin Park

"Show Me How to Live" - Audioslave

"Mudshovel" - Staind

"Privelege" - Incubus


I'm usually into hip hop, but the more i train westside the more i listen to that kinda stuff. I almost was confused when I realized I downloaded GWAR.


Some of Crystal Method's stuff works for me.
Alice N Chains
God Smack
Even Deep Purple "Smoke on the Water "
Hmmm I guess I have a wide taste .


Morbid Angel

Its all about intensity. Brutal!!


I'm more of a hip hop guy

Muzik by Knoc'turn'al
X gonna give it to ya DMX
Dangerous Busta Rymes
Lets get drity Redman
Da Rockwilder Method Man and Redman
Bombs Over Baghdad Outkast

To name a few
But I have found hip hop is better for complex lifts

So I tend to listen to rock when I bench and dead lift, and hip hop when I power clean, and push press.


Been listening to Offspring lately.

Greatest hits-14 songs you know.


Godsmack, Cold, Anthrax, Marilyn Manson, Tool


I do have to second that that song is wicked good.


Good Workout Tunes = Thrice, Rise Against, Thought Riot, Blood Brothers. Get those and youll be so pumped...i promise


here is whats on my mp3 right now(note there would be more/better songs, but i have to download off a free site w/ a shitty selection >_>)
1."got the life"-Korn
2."Push it"-static X<----one of the best songs for working out ever.
3."Links 1,2,3,4"-Rammstein
4."Feuer Frei"-Rammstein
5."buch dich" rammstein
6."Victory or Death" twista<--my midwest flavor haha
7."Dig"-Mudvayne<--also really good
8.some rob zombie shit
10."more than a woman"-aaliyah<--dont hate, its my feel good song for cardio haha
theres like 3 other i cant remember

yeah it kicks all of yours lists asses.


I don't have an ipod, so I can't listen to the music I want when I lift, but if I did the ideal music to lift to would be:

Sick of it All (Scratch the Surface is good)
Agnostic Front
Shadows Fall
Suicidal Tendencies


Metallica, Godsmack, Velvet Revolver, Breaking Benjamin, Mudvayne, Dark Tranquillity, and Opeth are some of my favorites for listening to.

Harsh, intense, and brutal music makes for a good workout.


None. I find I can focus better without music. Helps that I lift at home, though.


here are some awesome albums to check out

as i lay dying - shadows are security
curl up and die - but the past ain't through with us
darkest hour - undoing ruin
pennywise - full circle
the receiving end of sirens - between the heart and the synapse
refused - the shape of punk to come
saosin - translating the name EP
thrice - illusion of safety

if these songs don't get you pumped up at the gym you might want to check your pulse because you're probably dead...i HIGHLY recommend darkest hour, saosin and thrice if i could only choose 3