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Workout Music

What kinda shit yall listen to when you work out? I listen to metal rock and rap usualy but when i workout metal(especialy metalica and drowning pool) pumps the shit outa me, any other good stuff(any type of music).

Since no one replied to this thread, I will.

I like hard-rock when I’m lifting. The heavier the better. It has to be something that gets the adrenaline going. I absolutely cannot stand any type of hip hop while I’m working out. Unfortunately that is all my gym plays before 5:00 pm.

I asked Santa for a diskman for Christmas so I can actually start working out earlier in the day.


Audioslave, Chevelle, Audioslave, Seether, Audioslave, Staind, Audioslave, Ra, Theory of a Dead Man, and …did I mention Audioslave?

I’m constantly switching it up, but some of my standards are. . .

AC/DC - Can’t beat “Shake Your Foundations” in the squat rack.
Matchbook Romance
Motley Crue
Sage Francis
Brother Ali
Suicide Machines

Probably a wimp/sissy/gay guy (not literally) for saying this, but dance, and techno does the trick for me.

In the Ipod playlist currently:

Linkin Park

Slayer at 8am = pumped.

I listen to Indy Rock (The Decemberists, Ted Leo, British Sea Power, Hot Hot Heat, etc etc) or older stuff (The Clash, The Ramones, etc) while I run. I’m wasting my muscle trying to train up for a marathon.

While lifting though, I really don’t have a music of choice. I don’t like Nu-Metal, or much hard rock. Hip-hop is hit or miss. Also, I generally have a partner, so I don’t wear headphones… I’m stuck with what the gym plays.

And… our gym plays shitty “rock.” The kind of overproduced bull that only 12 year olds think is real music. Of course, if you go in the morning, you get to listen to contemporary easy-listening and Top 40. That is killer. I used to crack the work out partner up by singing along to Jessica Simpson’s remake of Take my Breath Away between heavy sets of squats. That shit will be you pumped in no time.

Here are some favorites:
Drowning Pool
Marylin Manson
Fear Factory

i listen to hard metal and rap. disturbed, rammstein, static x, dope, godsmack, flaw, eminem (til i collapse is real good), dmx, xzibit are some of them.

[quote]kligor wrote:
Probably a wimp/sissy/gay guy (not literally) for saying this, but dance, and techno does the trick for me.[/quote]

Hey bro, I’m there with you too! There’s nothing like an evil trance mix that get’s me going. I also like some rage against the machine. Talk about getting the blood pumping!

My Favs:
Slipknot, Static X, Disturbed, Rammstein, basically anything hard and heavy.

Currently: AFI, Thrice, Sick Of It All, Hatebreed, Jay-Z, 50 Cent, 2Pac, Twista, and all kinds of other shit.

yeah some tupac ‘hit em up’ type stuff or some ODB or some Metallica Megadeath Ozzy DMX Godsmack, westside connection, Rage against the machine, Dropkick Murphys, Pennywise basically any music that is heavy, mean and talks about killin, death,et cetera

i prefer to listen to rap, when they rhyme good it really gets me going feeling pumped and really mean hehe

rap lil’ wayne, 2pac, lloyd banks, and mixtapes in general

Anything with a quick driving beat… Be it rock, rap, techno, pop, classical, aborigenes on their didgeridoos, whatever.

Slayer, its better than whey protein

Megadeth, Slayer, old metallica…anything hard and fast. Zep is good also.

I love metal for my workouts - the stuff from my high school days still pumps me up like when I was 17/18. Metalica and AC/DC never go stale…except for that St Anger album.

I still find it ironic that I drive around listening to this stuff at 31 with two car seats in the back =)

Oh, and another song that really rocks: Motley Crue - Live Wire.

Metallica-Black or Guns n’Roses-Appetite for Destruction with Surge will get me through any workout. Also, Stone Temple Pilots-Purple and Def Leppard-Pyromania (to get me back my 18-yr old t-levels) are good for a changeup. AC/DC and classic Van Halen are good too.