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workout music


I have been trying to compile a set list of music for my HIITs. My mix rules are usually one song from each album. The problem is I cant find anything that compares to
Nonpoint -- Statement or
Ill Nino -- Revolution Revolucion
so my set list was including a bunch of songs from those albums. thus, if you are looking for some new music to try, something that will get you so jacked you actually shake while listening to it, check out either of those albums.
PS -- its kind of hard, metalish stuff


Cool thread- I'd like to see what else people have for "psych up music" to listen to. Obviously, tastes vary, but usually the basic premise is the same. What's on everyone else's "High Intensity Soundtrack"?

Mine are-
Anything off of NWA's Straight Outta Compton
Audioslave (the uptempo songs off their album, not the "ballads")
Green Day
Hell's Bells- AC/DC

I'm coming up blank on more, which is probably another reason I'm bumping the thread- I need to get a couple of workout mixes made!


I don't listen to too much music while I train. However, before I train I like:

Harley's War
Linkin Park
Powerman 5000
Public Enemy

Mike Mahler


i prefer celine dion.


are you that guy in the pink spandex unisuit I always see doing the mountain climber machine?


how did you know?

p.s. meet me in the locker room after your next training session. ill be waiting...


AC/DC ...Metallica ...Kid Rock ...Offspring usually works for me


bigprljamfan, I would have thought you would throw 'state of love and trust' or 'porch' or'rear view mirror' .. . guess not.
Ever see them live. . . . its almost a religous experience.


Try Nonpoint-- statement. Songs like 'Endure', 'Tribute', and 'Mindtrip' are guaranteed to work, Everytime Im doing HIITs and Im dragging, I switch to one of those, or 'I am Loco' by Ill Nino, its like a swift kick to the nutsack.


Mike, you like the Cro Mags :slight_smile:

Ever listened to Painters and Dockers?

The Dead Kennedys are good, as is Black Flag - this is Trad American Punk not metal.

We actually got the gym to play some hard core the other day, that is until some of the fou-fous complained.


Here is what I usually listen to...

  1. System of a down
    (how do I feel? what do I say? Fuck you it all goes away...)
  2. Mudvaine
    (oh yes, get some of that...)
  3. Tool
    (prison sex, how much harder can you get?)
  4. Rage Against the Machine
    (fuck you I won't do whatcha tell me)
  5. Korn
  6. Limp Biscuit
    (freakin me out you wore a mask called counterfeit)
  7. Nirvana
    (from the muddy banks of the wishka)
  8. Slip Knot (Iowa)
  9. NWA (crazy mutherfucker named Ice Cube)
  10. Busta Rhymes (yaw yaw yaw, yaw yaw)
  11. Ramstien (German fire breathing madness welling up in my brain on leg day)

A couple others for honorable mention
-Static X



Depends on the day:

Some days are kinda Rap: NWA

other days are Metal: Old Metallica
Rage Against....
System of a Down

But for the most part, i listen to tunes before...not during...
Peace out


Obituary - Cause of Death
Emperor - Anythems to the Welkin at Dusk
James Taylor - Sweet Baby James

If those don't get you pissed and pumped up, nothing will.





Hmmm ... hard, metalish stuff, something that will get you so jacked you actually shake while listening to it?

Bile, Disturbed, Dope, Drowning Pool, Korn, Fear Factory, Godsmack, Gravity Kills, Marilyn Manson, Metallica, Ministry, Mudvayne, Pantera, Puncture, Rob/White Zombie, Scrape, Sevendust, Stabbing Westward, Slayer, Slipnot, Spineshank, Static-X

(Did a quick check thru my CD's here at work.)



Harley Flannagan the founder of the cro-mags is a friend of mine and will be doing some background music on my new video intitled "Aggressive Strength for MMA."

Never head of the other bands that you mentioned.

Mike Mahler


first time chiming in on the forum ever....so here goes.

i usually like to listen to good ol' hardcore instead of this new-metal "i cant rhyme but i try real hard" kind of stuff. and a lotta hiphop that people probably dont know

sick of it all
engine down
jedi mind tricks
atoms family

actually i listen to a ton of shit now that i think about it. if anyone wants to swap some stuff, let me know, have a pretty decent ftp going until the RIAA comes to get me. just hit me private.


Here's the play-list for my Sprint Intervals mix (this shit gets me wicked-hyped, and I've got it pretty much lined-up perfectly w. my 'work/rest' if I start my first interval right when Ras takes the mic... )--

*1. Chariots of Fire Theme
*2. "Calm Down" - Joe Buddens

  1. "Freestyle (over Wanksta)" - Ras Kass
  2. "8 Miles & Running" - Jay-Z
  3. "Firestarter" - Prodigy
  4. "Shut 'Em Down" - LL Cool J
  5. "Charging Fort Wagner" - James Horner/Harlem Boys Choir (from Glory Sdtrk.)
  6. "Nev-ah" - Rowdy Rahz
  7. "My N****z" - DMX
  8. "Take me Away" - Royce 5'9
  9. "Last Resort" - Papa Roach
  10. "Fireproof" - Pillar
  11. "Indestructable" - Matthew Good Band
  12. "Big Empty" - STP
    (15. "Come Down" - Bush [I always finish by the time I get to this one tho'...)

  13. = my warmup tracks


When I lift I tend to like anything by Eminem, D12, Lil Jon, Keith Murray, or Notorious. Rap usually just gets me in that "get crunked" mood.

For HIIT I find it too hard to sprint with a cd player. I dont have one of those cool MP3 players that will just attach to my arms. With all the money I spend on food doubt Ill be buying one of those anytime soon.

As for Nonpoint, they are from my hometown and I couldnt picture those guys helping me with lifting or sprinting..



Fear Factory, Entombed, Rammstein, Megaherz, Carcass, Slipknot, Hatebreed, Mudvayne, Slayer, etc.