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Workout Music


I can't find the other thread where this was covered.

So list your favorite songs/bands/albums that you listen to while working out, and that make you wanna tear shit up.

If you find the other thread, plz link. Thanks.
Expects some funnies


1) Trivium - Shogun (Best metal album ever!!)
2) Lamb Of God - As The Palaces Burn (Probably my favorite workout cd)
3) Slayer - Diabolus In Musica and God Hates Us All - Awesome cds, Warzone is my favorite song to do max effort lifts, its just a brutal song that really really gets me going
4) PANTERA!!! every and any song...
5) Fiver Finger Death Punch and All That Remains would be tied for 5th.....

These are the top 5 or 6 workout bands for me anyway!!





1) Dimmu Borgir- just to name a few songs, Progenies of the Great Apocalypse, The Serpentine Offering, In Deaths Embrace
2) Amon Amarth- In Pursuit of Vikings, Twilight of the Thunder God, Cry of the Blackbirds, Runes to My Memory, Where is Your God?
3)Avenged Sevenfold- Chapter 4, Eternal Rest, Bat Country
4)Mudvayne- just one song "Determined"
5)Old Man's Child- Fall of Man, In Defiance of Existence


Oh, almost forgot:

Collision Course album
Papa Roach w/ Black-Eyed Peas - Anxiety
Iggy Pop - Sweet 16 remix
Breaking Benjamin - So Cold
Aphex Twin - Vordhosbn
Flashbulb - Passage in D
3 6 Mafia - MEMPHIS
2pac - When We Ride On Our Enemies
Simian Mobile Disco - Hustler


Best metal album ever?

Oh lord...


any raw death metal or thrash.


<--- Pig Destroyer.


declaring anything the best ever should really get the blood flowing!

a few of my favorites
Roadrunner United: The All Star Sessions
Eluveitie: Slania
Fireball Ministry: The Second Great Awakening
Motorhead: Iron Fist(old school)
Sentenced: Cold White Light
Soilwork: Natural Born Chaos
BrickBath: Rebuilt
Children of Bodom: Hate Crew Deathroll
Down: Nola
and the local boys
Nile: In Their Darkened Shrines, Ithyphallic, Annihilation of the Wicked


Well yeah, especially if it's Trivium.


Relaxxxx, everyone always has to be so fuckin critical sometimes...all that im saying is that its a great album, especially for working out, so dont start get all worked up about it, just chill


Something so outrageous cannot be ignored :stuck_out_tongue:


AC/DC If you want blood always helps me with a new PR squat


Dvda - now youre a man
Cynci Lauper - Girls just wanna have fun
geto boys - still
lonely island - like a boss

always gets me pumped :stuck_out_tongue: ...truly tho


Megadeth-Rust in Peace
Human Abstract-Nocturne
Scar Symmetry-Pitch Black Progress
Kataklysm-Serenity in Fire

Other bands I lift to alot are Blue Eyed Devils, War of Ages, Daylight Dies, Eluveitie, Day of the Sword, Amon Amarth, Cephalic Carnage and so many more.


Only need one song:

Peaches-Fuck the Pain Away


but seriously,

Five Finger Death Punch
Rage Against the Machine

amongst many many others


The only thing I want Yelling/screaming in my ear is my training partner.


Call me crazy but I'm a big fan of listening to real chill music when I workout. It gets me ultra focused and ready to lift junk.

Hillsong United
Jack Johnson
Senses Fail


i actually like emo-ish music liike fall out boy when i lift. not sure why though, maybe cuz it sounds like they sing with a lot of emotion and i hate metal

also grits - ooh ahh

if you don't know what song that is download it. it always gets my workouts going


"Born in the USA." On the radio all the time, and I always get a PR when it's on.