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Workout Music and Home gym Ideas

What music gets you guys pumped for your workouts?
My Top six:
Inside out (the singer from rage against the machines original band - awesome stuff!!!)
Nine Inch Nails - Pretty Hate Machine
The Cro-Mags - Age of Quarrel
Napalm Death - From Enslavement to Obliteration
Tim Dawg - Bronx Nigga
The Happy Mondays - Pills thrills and Bellyache’s

I really want to set up a gym in my home but I am on a limited budget (about 400 bucks) .
So far I have:

310lb Weider olympic barbell set
(definetly need more oly plates for deads!)

E-Z Bar for standard size weights
180lbs in standard size weight

10-20-35-55lb dumbbells (I picked up for 20 bucks combined - woohoo),

-A used weider bench with ham/quad extension but also has the ability to be used as a “squat station”

-Life cycle

-80lb punching bag

-COC grippers (also a set the woosy grippers bought from modells)

-Jump rope

Rubber matting taken from a dismantled playground

what I am missing?
a dip/pull up station - don’t know if it’s possible to build that safely.
I can build apple crates for box squats and I can make a wrist roller.
I would like to get a pair of the thick handled dumbbell bars from iron mind think farmer walks - one arm over head presses. Anyone have those?

Hopefully someday I’ll be able to afford the york barbell set…MMM

According to how Iron mind see’s it I am one of the “no no no” types…but what safety equipment if any should be mandatory?
could I just save myself a ton of trouble if I just saved up and got a power rack?
Anyone else have any suggestions as to what I am missing?


My top 6 bands to listen to while working out are: (in no particular order)

  1. Metallica
  2. Linkin Park
  3. Korn
  4. Eminem
  5. Disturbed
  6. Wu-Tang Clan

As for your home gym, you could build a pull-up bar and a dip bar and some of the other equipment you mentioned. These are not permanent solutions, just temporary. Start saving your money and after a few months invest in a power rack. Your money will be well spent with one, and you could replace half of your home-made equipment with the rack, which will leave more space to add other pieces of equipment in the future.

Man the Cro-mags and Napalm death I have not thought of those bands in years(former early 90`s death metal head).i have been listening to:

thats about it really…as far as a a dip/pull up station goes check Wal Mart,i know the one nearest me was selling a floor model for like $60,and full price was under $120…

right the fuckon 13!

when i was in highschool we watched inside out play for 3 bucks with a bunch of other hardcore bands.

i dont like most tv shit but here are some bands im digging right now.

  1. shai-hulud . this is one of my favorite bands of all time. ive been listening to them for around 5 or six years now.(these guys have been around for awhile and i think this is there best, most raw, album to date.) if you like heavy shit and lots of ultra tough yelling/screaming you should download some of this. it makes those mtv bands sound like a bunch of pussies. really. lyrics are also top notch. real t-man oriented, i think. all of their albums are good but the new one is “that within blood ill tempered”. god just go buy it!

2.strike anywhere :cool punkrock band. fun to lift too. fast tempo. i usually dont like political shit in lyrics but these guys kick ass.

3.bleeding through. metal. cool

4.atreyu. this band sucks live but their music is fucking great. its over the top metal shit. like 80s cheese ass metal bands gone cool metal punk rock hardcore. i liken it to the theme music from “transformers the movie” gone hardcore. great album “suicide notes and butterfly kisses”

5.poison the well. these guys are also destructors. as far as i know they only have 2 full lenght albums . both of them kick serious ass.

6.remembering never. again, slayers! their first album is the best"she looks so good in red".

thats what i currently have in my mp3 player/headphones. beats the hell out of the crap they play at the gyms here(still havent found one…) .

i can think of too many kick ass indy bands to start naming. there is alot of really good music out there. dont settle for what they shove down your throat. i do like that “let the bodies hit the floor” though. what do i know. im biased . i grew up listening to this “noise” as some of my friends, ok amlost all of my friends now, call it. if you like heavy shit though, check out the bands i listed above. you can find web sites for all of them with a search on google.

man i think music is my number 1 supplement. i can feel tired or not in the mood to train. still lying in bed i can put on my headphones and those drums start pounding…guitars screaming…guys yelling their guts out. then im doing sprint work down the block. dont know what i would do without it.

cool post.