Workout Log Of The Swede

Hey, Since I’m a lurker on here I figure I’d keep a workout log for my own benefit and I hope some of you stronger people could give me some pointers. :grinning: I’m relatively weak, some of you might say that I am too weak to benefit from the program I’m about to start.

Here is some basic information that I thought might be intresting

Height: 6¨6
Weight: 100 kg or 220lbs
Squat: 90 kg or 200 lbs
Bench Press: 85 kg or 185 lbs
Deadlift: 140 kg or 315 lbs
Overhead Press: 60 kg or 135

I have training ADD and have been jumping from program to program like an headless chicken and have because of that not made as much progress as I could have or should have been making. I have tried linear progression such as portrayed in 5x5 Stronglifts but I have had a hard time with that type of progression, partly because I have a hard time mentally increasing weight every workout… I am going to give this a shot because it seems to fit me well, I can hit PRs with the Amrap set instead of adding 5 pounds each workout. Instead of doing the squats 531 I will be squatting to a max single every day except for restdays. I will try squatting very frequently because I feel that this will counteract my stiffness and help my form. Right now my form is very good to me and I don’t have much form breakdown at heavy weights.

While I was hopping between programs I have been on quite a dirty bulk indeed and have put on 20 pounds of milk induced fat. I intend to continue bulking on this program although maybe not as rapidly.

As of right now my stress levels are low, both in regards to other training and mental/work/life stress. I do however work in construction on and off so this might impact my training negatively. I also want to start to do conditioning, but probably nothing that will impeed my recovery drastically.

I will set it up like this.

Day 1 Squat to daily max, Romanian Deadlifts 5x10

Day 2 Squat to daily max Bench Press 531, Overhead press 5x10, Lat Pulldowns

Day 3 Squat to daily max Deadlift 531

Day 4 Squat to daily max Press 531, Bench Press 5x10 Rows 5x10

I will be rotating these every week, with rest in between when I can or feel like I need to. I have no particular schedule in regards to the specific days of the week I will train. I will also use the last set of each workout as an AMRAP set and put the focus there rather than on the 5x10 accesories.

Lastly, I would love some pointers or any tips from you strong people that could make my log or my training better. :grinning: