Workout Log for Tumbles

I’ve been browsing the site since November or so, occasionally participating in a post here and there, and have made decent use of new information that I’ve stumbled upon.

I’ve decided to start a log of my stuff to help me keep track of progress and what I’m doing.

My first experience with weights was olympic lifting for highschool track for about 8 weeks. That was 5 years ago and I hadn’t touched a weight since until Sept of this past year. In between I had a pretty massive knee surgery and stayed in shape on a diet of Coca-Cola supplemented by a lot of sprinting. Started 153lbs @ 6 ft.

Started out going to the gym for the first month and a half with no real idea what I was doing - figured because my legs were big compared to the rest of me I didn’t need to work them etc. Was too scared to try benching without a spot. I’ve been squatting and benching since December after getting on a real routine and doing some learning.

I’m currently bulking and doing an upper/lower split (which is working very well for me). I’m doing my diet by making sure to get around 600 calories per meal, 6 meals a day. I either eat when I’m hungry or every 3-4 hours.

Common foods: brown rice, tuna, eggs (about 2:1 whites to yolks), olive oil, whole milk, whey, peanut butter, chicken, beef, oats, Shredded Wheat, various cheeses, double-meat subway sandwhiches, turkey bacon.

I’m taking Fish Oil, Whey, Creatine, Beta-Alanine and a multi.

Routine is as follows, generally 6-8 reps for heavy compounds, 8-12 for lighter accessory work, and 30 for calves:

Monday (Lower Quads):

Back Squat, 4 sets
Leg Press, 2 sets
Leg Extension, 2 sets
Straight Leg Deadlift 3 sets
Ham Curl 3 sets
Calf Raise 4 sets

Tuesday (Upper Chest/Back):

Flat Bench, 3 sets
Weighted Dips, 3 sets
Incline Flies, 2 sets

Weighted Pull-ups, 4 sets
DB or BB Row, 4 sets

Some form of curl, 2 sets
Some form of triceps, 2 sets

Thursday (Lower Glut/Ham):

Deadlifts, 4 sets
Front Squat, 3 sets
Ham Curl, 4 sets
Leg Extension, 2 sets
Calf Raise, 4 sets

Saturday (Upper Shoulder/Arms):

Incline Bench, 4 sets
Wide-Grip Chins, 3 sets
Shoulder Side Raise, 3 sets
Rear Delt Raise, 2 sets
DB Row, 2 sets
Triceps, 2-3 exercises, 5 sets total
Biceps, 2-3 exercises, 5 sets total

Routine is working well for me, doubt I’ll change it for awhile.

Current Stats:

Height: 6ft
Weight: 190
Bodyfat: I just know I can see my abs
Squat (break || with top of leg at minimum): 300
Deadlift: 405
Bench: 205

My lifts are based off calculations from for-rep lifting, since I don’t max. I’m aware that this is not an accurate method of figuring out one-rep max, but it’s at least a somewhat reasonable guesstimation.

I’ll start updating with workouts tomorrow, since it’s a workout day.

I have various pictures in my profile for those that are interested. Shows one bad picture of starting physique, a few from right before New Year’s, and then some from just this past couple of weeks.

My current short term goal is to hit 195 within April. I know I’m still quite lean, but will probably end up doing some form of cut throughout May. I’m fatter than I’ve ever been before and as I’m not looking to compete, it’s more important that I feel good about myself than bulk through beach season.

I’ll answer questions as they are asked, but I think I’ve address all of the usuals in the post above. If my post is a bit muddled feel free to let me know where and I’ll see what I can do about editing it to make more sense.


So I managed 3 reps of 325 on deadlifts yesterday before I hurt myself and went home.

At the top of the third rep I felt this really sharp pain right where my hamstring and glut meet, and it hurts to walk now.

Doesn’t feel like a pulled muscle. I’m planning on getting it checked out. I probably should have skipped the deads when 135 in the warm-ups was hurting a little.

Missed update

Here is Saturday’s (04/05/2008)

i went tanning right before and hence felt like absolute shit

Pull-ups 12,10,8,4
Incline Barbell Bench 125x11, 135x7, 125x8, 125x8
Side Raise w/ 30s 15, 12, 8
Rear Delt w/ 30s 15, 12
Single-Arm DB Row w/ 70 12,12
Barbell Curl 55x12, 60x10
Hammer Curl w/ 30s 12, 10
Overhead Tricep Machine 145x15, 160x13
Rope Pushdown 60x15, 70x12

And here is today’s (04/07/2008)

Back Squat 225x12 (new pr), 235x10, 235x10, 245x7
Leg Press 450x20, x15
Leg Extension 130x20, 150x13
Seated Calf Raise 90x30x4

skipped ham work today due to thursday’s injury. I’m getting it checked out by my sports doctor tomorrow. not sure I should have done the squats, tbh, as it’s hurting like a bitch again tonight.


Flat Bench 155x12, 155x10, 155x8
Weighted Dips 30lb 15, 8, 8
Pec Deck 80x15, 90x12

Close-Grip Chin-up 12, 10, 8, 4 (wtf on that last one)
Barbell Row 115x14, 115x15, 135x12, 135x10
Rope Pushdown 70x20, 80x10
Barbell Curl 55x20, 55x10

I’m bad at updating this :open_mouth:


I did some very light deadlifting - a few very slow and controlled sets of 6 @ 135lb. Wasn’t the most comfortable thing in the world, so didn’t go any heavier.

I did one more explosive dead and everything hurt like hell even at that weight, so I decided to stop and do some stretching and go home.

Doctor’s diagnosis is that my quadriceps are overpowering my hamstrings, and combined with poor flexibility it is causing problems.

So I’m going to step back a little bit on the quad work, get more flexible, and hopefully things will fix themselves in short time.

I’ve always considered myself injury prone, but lately I’m realizing that’s probably just a bullshit excuse to allow me to be lazy at warming-up and doing flexibility work.

haha im updating right after workout for once


(should i be listing warm-ups? just putting working sets currently)

Incline Bench 115x15, 125x9, 125x7 (felt weak, not sure why)
Wide-Grip Pull-ups 17, 12
Wide-Grip Lat Pulldown 150x8

skipped shoulder stuff since left one was bothering me (aren’t I just a mess)

Single-Arm DB Row 75x15, 80x15
Rope Pushdown 80x20, 90x13
Lying BB Extension 55x15 (x2)
Barbell Curl 60x20, 60x11
Hammer Curl 30sx8, 25sx10

felt really strong on everything but the incline press


Back Squat 200x19, 225x10
Leg Press 450x20
Leg Extension 150x12
SLDL 185x8x3
Lying Leg Curl 130x15, 140x12, 150x11
Seated Calf Raise 100x30x4

working the quads less so hamstrings can hopefully catch up relatively quickly

vid of squat today

looks like i don’t use heels enough, and i don’t go as deep as i thought i did

I’m changing shoes to something more flat-soled so I can squat more on my heels. Made a huge difference form-wise barefoot vs those running shoes, but school gym requires shoes.


Flat Bench 155x15, 165x10, 155x9, 155x7
Weighted Dips 35lbx12, 45lbx10, 55lbx8
Pec Deck 100x10, 80x14

Weighted Chins 35lbx6, 20lbx8, 20lbx4
Chin Assist -50lbx10
Single-Arm DB Row 80x15, 80x10, 85x6, 85x5

Overhead Tri Machine 160x12
Rope Pushdown 80x7
Barbell Curl 55x15
Hammer Curl 27.5x10


Deadlifts 275x10, 275x10, 325x7, 325x5

Just glad to do them again with no pain, took it kind of easy today anyways though.

Front Squat 135x10x2
Ham Curl 140x12x2
Leg Extension 120x20, drop to 80x15


Incline Bench 125x12, 10, 9

Weighted Pull Ups 25x9, 20x7
Pull Ups 10

skipped shoulders, pain

Single DB Row 90x12, 100x7

felt like doing the 100s, highest DB in the gym

Rope Pushdown 80x20, 20sec, 50x15
Close-Grip Bench 105x10x2
Barbell Curl 60x17, 20sec, 40x12
Cable Curl 80x13, 80x10


ex was over yesterday and i like lovin’ more than weights, so no workout. well actually i think i still liked the weights more until she intentionally seduced me away from them.

Flat Bench 175x9, 175x7, 155x7
Dips w/ 45lb 12, 12, 11
Pec Deck 110x7, drop to 60x15

Chins w/ 10lb added 9, 8, 5, 4
Chest-Supported machine row 115x10, 90x15, 90x13

forgot about appointment i had and rushed out of there… still got a good workout though. was pretty drained after chest - shorter rest periods than usual.

weighed in at 200 yesterday morning, btw :slight_smile: