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Workout Lethargy

Hey everyone. New to the forum, not to the sport.

I’m having a real issue with lack of energy for my workouts. Its hit or miss. Some days I feel like a powerhouse and others I can narely muster up the strength to get out of bed.

I am on TRT and some of my own stock, my diet is to the gram. I get 6-7 hours of sleep every night ( I’m on doxipen for insomnia). I take pre-workout and vitargo before and during workouts.

Stress is a little high right now. We have an awesome 3 yr old boy who is my world and another on the way. Not to mention a promotion at work that is requiring to get new certs. But I manage the stress with working out. Its my only outlet.

I am hypothyroid (thanks to family genes) but I take levo every day. I’m not sure if its just age, stress or maybe I am pushing myself too hard. I’m trying to get super lean so my carbs are low but thats why I supplement with vitargo and that shit is awesome!

Basically what I am looking for is an energy boost on those days I feel like 10lbs of shit. Maybe something to do with my diet or cycle? My test bloods came back and I’m around 1500 ng/dl. I am gyno prone, so I don’t like to get much higher. I hate AIs so I only take arimidex if I feel nipple soreness, but I do take 2a-3a, P5P, DIIM everyday and it seems to work well.

Here are my stats:
Age 38
Height 6ft6
Weight 258lbs
Experience 20 years (mostly for football)

100 MG TCYP / week
20mg 2a-3a ED

This is a very comfortable cycle. I feel good ( most of the time). Great lean mass and strength and sex drive is insane. Fat disposition is fair, not great.

Bcaa + glutamine 2x per day
Amino energy 4 scoops pre workout
Ephedrine HCL inhalent 2 puffs pre workout
Vitargo 1 scoop before, 1 during workout
7keto 200mg per day
Ursolic acid 3 x per day
Epicatechin 100mg
Laxogenein 350mg
ZMA night
P5P 2 x per day
White Tai kratom pre workout and throughout the day. I have degenerative disks and a fucked up neck from football and I hate pain meds!

5 prepared meals per day (35/45/20) lean meat, broccoli or asparagus and 1/2 yam
Cottage cheese before bed
1 shake per day 45 grams whey isolate usually in early morning ( I get up at 4am day)
Apples 1 EOD

Calories is a round 3000 (may not be enough)

2 in, 1 off, 2 on, 2 off (20 minutes cardio every day)

I may just have to accept the fact I’m getting fucking old. Its just hard. This is my passion and all I have to get away for an hour. Or not enough calories. Could the doxipen be fucking with me. That shit is lights out!

I appreciate any feedback/criticism. I married a smoking hot blonde cheerleader/dancer and 10 years later she drives me crazy! I was super jacked when we met and always have been until my thyroid took a shit. I know I cant get back to that, but i just want to feel that rush before workouts. Sometimes its there 100%, other times I struggle through the entire workout like today.


You may have better luck with this in the Pharma section, may want to just move it down there, and post some labs (with ranges)

What are your goals?

Age is not the problem. Yesterday, I asked a guy for some tips on my freestyle form in the gym pool. Turns out he was 62 and training for his twelfth Iron man. There could definitely be a problem, and you’re taking far more things than your average 38 year old, plus the thyroid problem is a BIG indicator, but it is absolutely, positively NOT age. 38 is young.

Also @Chris_Colucci this sounds like a pharma or TRT forum thread - probably more TRT.

I mean, there’s so much going on here that’s tough to follow and tougher to nail down a single solution.

Relatively low calorie diet (roughly BW x 11.5), anabolic cycle that’s more than basic TRT, pre-workout caffeine and ephedrine… and then a prescription to help with insomnia, “low carb” plan that consists of 2 and a half yams daily plus 70g carbs around workouts, elevated stress levels and responsibilities in the real world outside the gym paired with limited/compromised-quality sleep.

Like, adjust pretty much any one of those things and see how you do for a week or so.

Id like to stay around 240-250 and just cut fat, maintain build lean mass

Doc did a CBC this week. She said all hormones looked good, except estrogen was a little low…but very slightly. BUN was a tad high, but she said no worries because of the high protein diet…just drink a lot of water.

She is aware of everything I’m on including dosages and said she has no concerns but if,my BP or cholesterol get high shes taking me off testosterone and Nandro. She thinks its just a lack of sleep and higher stress than normal. She wants to wait 30 days and do more bloods and see how I feel. She might switch the levo for synth as well and bump me to 75mcg

I sent her a message last night and she wants me to increase my carbs for a week to see how I feel

Maybe I’m just in need of morr sleep. I agree, 38 isnt old…just a very fast paced, always on the move lifestyle.

One thing I’m not taking now is a multiple, maybe I’ll get one and see if that helps.

Yeah, agreed. I’m going to up the carbs (per the doc) and see how I feel. I’m also going to drop doxipen and see if that helps. Id rather get 4-5 non drugged hours of sleep than 6-7 and feel like I’m hungover

My workouts start at 4:45am…thats when I do ephedra and caffeine…would it cause insomnia to get worse by 10pm? I dont do any shims throughout the day. If I get tired I go for a walk and chug water

Maybe I’m taking too much shit. Well see how the changes go this week and I’ll go from there. I just didnt have this issue 3 years ago, but the 2 things that are different is low thyroid and kids

Thanks guys!!

It “shouldn’t”, but if I had insomnia, I’d cut back/cut out any and all stimulants before taking a prescription sleep aid. Some really quick Googling shows that kratom is connected to hypothyroidism and can also contribute to poor sleep.

You’re just on so much stuff, man. It’s like your body is playing Jenga. I’d try to pare down your supp intake overall, one step at a time.

You need numbers. Low e2 accompanied with high test is a nightmare. How low is “slightly”? Even so if your on cycle, your e2 should be in the higher range.

Lower E2 =Low energy, feeling “not yourself”, workouts suck balls.

And im not even talking about “crashed” e2, just artificially lowered while your test is high. It feels horrible, you just feel “off”

This would be my next guess.

But you are taking a lot of stuff for e2. I would bet that is a large part of your problem.

How’s libido, dick hardness, performance?

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Google Armour Thyroid reviews. Drugs.com has about 2000 of them and most are of people that were on levo that were eventually switched to Armour and their lives have changed. My dad was on levo for years and switched over to Armour and he wanted to kill his doc for wasting 3 years of his life feeling like shit. Look into it. Also, that seems like way too many supplements. It would be hard to know what is doing what.

When I got put of shape the dick stopped working almost completely. As I lost weight and now back in test, the dick works much better especially with my BP lower. I’m not sure, but estrogen hotel was 108. That doesnt seem low to me at all…not sure what she was meaning by a bit low. I’ll be honest, on test I’m always horny. And wife is already 8 months pregnant so I beat it a ton. She does let me in the back door a little, but its just not easy. She has a little butt and I’m thick. Its frustrating

I think I found the source of the lethargy which I dont know why I didnt recognize it sooner. On my off days I only have 2 cups of oats in the morning, no other carbs but veggies. Even though I take vitargo, it doesnt saturate glycogen stores and I think ibwas just gassed from low carbs the prior day. This week I ate 3 yams a day and added another small meal. I was back to blowing through heavy supersets like nothing. In fact, I got my bench, squat and dead lift almost where it was when I was playing ball for reps !(375/575/575)

I feel better, but I also running myself thin. Right now I’m replacing all the face, trim and soffit on our house myself. I’m also working a lot and trying to take on more at home to help the wife. I think upping carbs and going back to my old split (Tue/Thurs/Sat) for now to allow myself to recover a little better. I’m going to drop the super sets as well and do a little more light cardio…i hate cardio…my goal is to get jacked and cant do that without cardio

Thanks for all the help