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Workout, Knee Soreness

I just posted about my diet problems and now I have more problems.
Like I said in the diet posting, I am currently doing TBT, and I am also trying to do a bit of running everyday. I try and run even on workout days because I am up at 5:00am, for a run, got to work, usually home at 8:00pm, workout. I am finding that my left knee is getting sore. I know it is probably becasue of all the work, between working out, and running but do you think a good idea might be to not workout legs 3 days a week, and keep the running. The reason that I am running is for a physical test. Anyway any help is really appreciated.


All thast running on me for sure does a number on the knees really tears them up. Id make sure you are getting plenty of fish oils and glucosamine chondrotin etc to aim tpo prevent inflamation and joint/cartilidge damage.

Id hate to suggest not lifting with the legs maybe drop the volume every day lift heavy and intense but much less total volume.

Again thanks,

I currently use glucosamine, not fish oils though, I will give it a try.

Like I said I currently use the TBT workout and usually do legs:
Mon-squats, Wed=deadlifts, Fri=lunges.

do you think maybe I should just have one day for legs so I can keep the running. Well just until I do my physical test?

are your hips sore, as well? where on the knee does the soreness occur?

with all the running, it sounds like patellofemoral syndrome… or PFS.

do you know what you can do for it?..not much… if this is the case, you can take motrin/ibuprofen for the inflamation… and try an elyptical machine for cardio. also, if you sleep on your side, try a pillow between the knees… this takes the stress off of this tendon that runs from the hip to the knee…
heres a link… http://www.physsportsmed.com/issues/2004/0704/labotz.htm

if they are sore after working out, just ice them as soon as you get home does wonders, warm them up good before working out and use some knee sleeves to keep your joints warm. my right bugs me due to oshgood slchaterz, but i still squat and deadlift 3 days a week ( TBT squat and dead monday wed and friday i know some of you might think thats too much but i love it :wink: )
the soreness is gone once i get home and ice the joint and get my post workout nutrition in me.

Thanks for the great replies, really appreciate it. It is mostly my left knee, tends to hurt on the inside of my knee. But I am on my feet all day at work and well probably not helping either.


Alright so last night was really bad, I didn’t do any running or working out but I went to bed and my knee felt as big as basketballs.
I went and got some Ibuprofren today so gonna try that and well if not then it is off to the doctor.

Thanks everyone, again.

keep us updated…i know you are not the only one that has knee problems… i would like to hear what you do for it…

Damned if I can remember the medical term for what you got, but my knee used to lock up completeley if I didn’t keep using it & was sore as hell behind the knee cap (due to extensive running / rucking).

Solution: relatively high reps of leg extension machine w/ low weight and/ or cycling. An ex RN PTI told me about this & damned if it didn’t work in a few weeks.

Otherwise; Motrin, drink water & suck it up?

I will definetly keep you guys updated, today I did my TBT Friday workout which for this week I usually do lunges, but I didn’t do them. I think I am going to give my knee the weekend off.
Well I will probably just take my medicine and suck it up…

Used to have the same problem from running. I kept at it, ignoring the pain, until it hurt to put any pressure on my knee. I’m not sure exactly what was wrong, or what it was called, but I had to stop running for about 2 weeks until it finally stopped hurting.

I’ve found that adding in some shorter amounts of cycling helps strengthen the muscles/tendons/ligaments around the knee.

A farily obvious suggestion is to check your shoes. Make sure they’re in good condition for running, since squats will beat the crap out of the supports in them.

Hope this helps!

If the problem is PFS, there are knee wraps that help keep your kneecap in the proper groove. Other then that… ice, advil and stretching the quads & hips.


Running is part of my life in the Army, I run 3-5 miles at least 3 times a week, and have little choice in that! So I do my squat day on weekends, and allow the running to help relieve the soreness in my legs and knees.

Don’t overdo running, be mindful of proper stretching and allowing yourself to recover. Also make sure you have good running shoes and replace them ever few months.