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Workout Intensity


I am currently 6 days into phase II of the growth surge project and doing the twice a day workouts. My first 3 days went really good, but my last two workouts have been so-so. The workout calls for three sets of six for most movements and when i'm done, I feel like I have not done enough and have not really pushed myself as far as I could go. My intensity level is high and im using max weights, but the work-load seems insufficient. I am particularly worried that certain muscle groups (shoulders) that I wanted to focus on are not getting enough work. I am also worried that if I don't work hard enough, all those calories I am eating will go strait to my gut. Any ideas on how I can increase the benefits of each workout? Is it crazy to drop the program after only 5 days and replace it with a longer twice-a-day program? or a GVT program? Am I just paranoid?