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Workout Input


Hey CT,

I would like to ask if you could give me your input on this program please.
My goal is size (overall, and arms â?? weakness). I used this program for some time and liked it very much. Now I changed it a bit and tried to incorporate your shoulder growth factor work.
The program is designed to allow to train arms more often (directly twice a week and indirectly with back and chest). The basic exercises are performed with double progression. Each day is supplemented with loaded carries.
Also, I was wondering how would you incorporate the growth factor back work?

Thank you CT!

Day 1 - Back, Chest, Shoulders
1) Deadlift/Rack pulls â?? 5 x 5
2a) Bench press â?? 5x5
2b) Barbell row â?? 5x8
3a) Weighted dips â?? 4x8
3b) Pull ups â?? 4x8
4) Dumbbell snatch from hang â?? 5-6x3
5) Thibâ??s shoulder growth factor work

Day 2 - Legs, Arms
1) Back squat â?? 5x5
2) Leg curls â?? 4x8
3) Lunges â?? 3-4x10-12
4a) Barbell curl â?? 4x8
4b) Close grip bench press â?? 4x8
5a) Seated dumbbell curls â?? 3x10-12
5b) Rope pressdowns â?? 3x10-12

Day 3 - Back, Chest, Shoulders
1) Muscle clean + Push press â?? 6x3
2a) Floor press â?? 5x5
2b) One-arm dumbbell row â?? 5x8
3a) Incline dumbbell press â?? 4x8
3b) Weighted chin ups â?? 4x8
4) Thibâ??s shoulder growth factor work
5) Bent over dumbbell flyes

Day 4 - Legs, Arms
1) Front squat â?? 5x5
2) Romanian deadlift â?? 4x8
3) Bulgarian split squatâ?? 3-4x10
4a) Preacher curls â?? 4x8
4b) Scull crushers â?? 4x8
5a) Hammer curls â?? 3x10-12
5b) Behind back triceps extension - 3x10-12