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Workout Ideas:What Do You Think?

10x3 squat
Dumbbell rows 4x6
Close grip bench 4x6-8
Standing barbell curls 4x6
Sitting calf raises 4x10-12


10x3 dead lift
4x6 bench press
4x6 front squat
4x6 skull crushers
4x4-8 standing calf raises
4x12-15 weight sit-ups


10x3 Standing military press
4x6 incline bench press
4x6 pull downs
4x6 lunges
4x6 hammer curls

this good ? as i read the site more i learn more , is this too much volume? im still trying to grasp how to construct a full body routine

First question, what is your goal? You’re leaning the direction of strength but are still a little high in the reps department. Is this for a sport, do you want more strength than hypertrophy? Are you limited to lifting three times a week and if so for how long per session?
After you address that issue you are headed into the land of personal preferance. I used to use the classic split routine. Recently I changed to a upper body lower body routine, still a form of split but it suits me better and lets me hit my body harder.
In the interest of delivering feedback I will make a couple comments about your selection of exercises. These are not rules or anything just thoughts. First, it appears you are wanting to hit your entire body each day. This is possible but can be hard. If you are focused on strength then stick to four to six compound movements per session, no isolation movements. If you want to do body building it gets more complicated.
I’m guessing based off your final statement that you are new to lifting. If this is fals you may skip this last part. If it is true then I would like to suggest a series of exercises for you.

Three days per week for one month do the following each time:
Bench Press
Military Press
Lat Pull Down
Preacher curls
Skull Crushers

do each exercise for two sets of eight

On three of your off days per week
Sit ups
Back Hyperextensions

Start out with 20 of each of the two exercises then move up by five each week.

This series is not designed for anything special. It is just to help you prepare your body for serious weightlifting and to allow you to get a feel for the weights and help you decide where you want to go with it.

Hope this helps.


This series is not designed for anything

im doing it for football, i wanna gain strength and size , as i read diffrent articles they say you can get more gains from full body work outs before i was doing leg day , shoulder day, rest , chest day , then back

First, the total body everyday thing. That is huge on this website but isn’t the only option. you hav choices. You can do total body everyday but if you have limited time it may not be the best.

Football, well your postiion would be very important also.

You have the right idea, but keep your sport in mind when you are writing this program. Unless you are a kicker or QB then it’s good you have such a strong empahsis on legs. If it were me I would just stick to squats and dump the deadlift for now but keeping it is just fine. Throw in some straight let deadlift instead, keep the calf exercise, keep the lunges although mix them up by lunging different directions (Not just forward). Hit your core hard on your off days, that is the most ignored part of the body in high school sports. don’t just do crunches, work the back, do every kind of side bend and situp you can think of. Your not doing these for a six pack you are doing them to keep your body strong and free of injury (esp. spinal).

As for upperbody it depends a lot on position. If you block (line) hit the chest and tri’s just as hard as the legs. If you run or catch then work chest, tris, bis and delts all the same. None are any more important than the other.

For the most part your decision on number of reps is fine. Although I see what appears to be 10 sets of 3 reps. This doesn’t fit any normal pattern I know of. I would suggest keeping the reps the same throughout. You also need to consider cycling you workout. This is frowned apon on this site because it’s not hardcore and not what pros do. We are not pros and it may be and option for you.

Last, be creative. Since football is a dynamic sport you should consider pulling a sled or tire. You should use plyometrics on your off days. Strength isn’t enough, you need explosion. Do standing long jumps. Start out going across the football field, when that gets easy go up and down the field. A little jump rope will strengthen and grow your calves. One leg hops and sprints are good too. REally challenge yourself with sprints in the off season it will make an enourmous difference. Football is an explosive sport and most positions need sprints. Try doing clap push ups or medicine ball drills.

You definitly have the right ideas going. Your workout will get you through the season.

im a middle linebacker or fullback were ever the hell the wanna stick me

what if i did stiff leg deadlifts on day 5 along with lunges for legs would that be good ?

[quote]BigMike wrote:
im a middle linebacker or fullback were ever the hell the wanna stick me [/quote]

You should be able to train for either, the skills are different but the effort is similar.

I’m sure your program will be fine. The biggest thing you need to focus on is plyometrics. I’m not saying dump the lifting because it is important but make sure you train plyos hard on the off days, at least twice a week.

A weighted sled would be a good investment if you still have three or more years of this. Failing that go buy a used tire(a big one, but not a tractor tire) buy some good rope and get a frame for and army ruck sack at an army surplus store. Practice pulling that bad boy up and down the field a few times. If it gets too easy then buy another tire.

Buy, build or find some boxes to do box jumps too. As far as adjustments to your strength program, I would do lunges each day. Do heavy barbell lunges one day, cross over lunges another (step across the center of your body and step extra wide in different sets) and revers lunges on the last day.

If you do those things, eat tons and get your butt to every practice, captain’s practice, camp and Two-A-Day you can you will kick some serious ass next seasion. People may not be ready for what you bring to the field. For your own sake you may want to get your weight, a few self photos and some one rep maxs (1RM) for the begining and end of the summer. I think you’ll like it.

Beyond that make sure you are stretching and stay hydrated.

Good luck, kick ass and keep us informed


[quote]BigMike wrote:
what if i did stiff leg deadlifts on day 5 along with lunges for legs would that be good ? [/quote]

Day five is okay.
I would personally do them on day three with the standard deadlift but either is okay. You could throw in Good Mornings on the other day.