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Workout Help

Hey, I am a teenager and, PLEASE if you are going to reply to this I KNOW how it stunts your growth to do too much so NONE of that please…
I am a VERY big cross-country runner I am going into 8th grade but I am on the varsity team at team at my school(for the high school) and I have a 520 mile
tell me how this is…

-Resistance Band training
-around foot and 20 pulls
-around other foot and 20 pulls
-around pole and 20 pulls w/ right
-around pole and 20 pulls w/ left

-40-60 min. run (or bike or swim)

-stress ball 70 squeeze w/ right
-stress ball 70 squeeze w/ left
-stress ball 70 squeeze w/ both

-50 pushups
-50 situps

-20-40 minutes of hills (running)

-stress ball workouts (same as monday)

-50 pushups
-50 situps

same as monday

-same as tuesday

same as wednesday

Saturday and Sunday
-light run/bike/or swim both days

what do you think?

Hmm, we do a lot of weight training around these parts, but there are a few people that know a lot about endurance around here.

Maybe search for some of TriGWU’s posts or something.

Alternately, the last thing I want to do is drive you away, but a site geared to running (assuming that is what you are specializing for) might have some advice for a younger person like yourself.

Whatever you are doing, check up on Berardi’s 7 habits. Basically, limit the amount of junk you are eating, and make sure you eat lots of good healthy food. Heck, I can’t even remember what I ate or if I cared about what I ate at that age.