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Workout Help

I’m trying to put together a workout based on Coach Davies Comples routines, ie the I - V, He gives ideas on how many times to perform per week, but what I’m wondering about is how I can combine several into 3 full body workouts a week. I was thinking about doing the following:
Mon: Martial Arts
Tue: Complex V and pull ups
Wed: Martial Arts or Rest
Thur: Rotate weekly Complex II, III, and IV
Fri: Rest
Sat: Complex I and …? not sure what to add there
Sun: Martial Arts

Let me know what any of you think…
I also would like to add in some stretching, injury preventative work, ie rotator cuff, knee and any other joints, but I’m not sure of a good stretching routine or on the exercises for prehab work.


I was hoping someone out there would have some experience with Coach Davies workouts, or at least some ideas concerning them. Figure I’ll drop another line in here to move it to the top so people will get a look at it.