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Workout Help

Hey everyone! I am quite new to this site and already i have learned a lot and i was hoping to get a lil help on my work out plan. So far it goes like this.

Monday- lowerbody
Max rep pull- pull sled or bunges 10x of 15 feet lengths

Max weight push- Weighted hyper exstensions 3x5 with 75lbs

Tuesday- Upper body
Max Weight push- All depends on what i need to work on but last week
Floor press- 225 1RM (sad i know but my shoulders suck)
Bradford press 8x1 with 135
Tricep exstensions Green band and mini 2x50
shoulder raises Green band 2x60 sec

Max rep pull-
pullups 3-12

Wensday- rest day

Thursday- lower body
Max weight push- Deadlift 225 3x5, 275 1RM, 305 1RM (last thursday)
i also low box squat and zercher squat.

Max rep pull- Hyper extensions 1x55

Friday- upper body
Max Rep push- wider grip incline bench (135 3x12) of wide grip flat bench (185 3x15)

Max Weight pull- Weighted pull-ups lbs and reps vary

If anyone could help me i would sure appreciate it. Thanks!

Samson, post your routine and what kind of progress you’ve made with it so people can help you more.

I moved it up to the top now.