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workout help needed

lets say i would work out 6 days a week…monday wensday friday i would workout the chest and abs and on tuesday thursday and saturday i would work my legs and biceps…do u think this is good. If anyone can help me make a better schedule please post it here(i dont have a gym to go to yet till july! so i only have dumbbells,a leg machine and a bench for benchpresses.

nope, no good. You need to read a lot more to educate yourself, instead of us writing it down for you. Read the frequently asked questions on this site. Your routine sounds terrible, don’t be upset just laying it out for you raw.

how about traps, delts, upperback, triceps, and forearms. by the way you should lift 4 days a week max. you grow when resting not when lifting.

I think Goldberg is joking around again.