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Workout Help, Hormone Issues

hey guys im 6.2 naturally huge frame but have hormone problems that cause me to have low testosterone and low thyroid similiar to klinghoffers syndrome… so i gain fat fast and low muscle…

The problem im having is i jog everyday 4-5 miles and every second do do weight training 12kg on each dumbell doing 3 sets of 15 with each muscle.

But i feel something aint right… i look sluggish and fat lately despite this every day routine… i feel weak not sore like u get after a hard workout the day before but weak like my thyroid is low… and im having erectil problems and not producing enough of the white army…

I belive it is due to the increase of my jogging… i used to do less miles at a faster pace… im not doing more miles but steadying myself and although i feel great after it… the next day im weak unwell and eating like a horse!!!.

Can someone please suggest a dailly workout plan that will get my testosterone pumping and also boost thyroid as i feel im actually doing more harm than good with my current plan.

thanks for any advice.

You are probably not eating enough in general or not enough of the right types of food, could you tell us how a normal day of eating would look like for you?

The jogging and the 12kg DB workout doesnt sound like the best workout regimen out there, perhaps it would help
if you started on a more proven program, like Stronglifts perhaps and started with shorter and more intense forms of conditioning.

Also whats your stats:


years of training?

best lifts?


try 5/3/1, starting strength, or westside for skinny bastards.

How old are you?

[quote]fendertele wrote:
hey guys im 6.2 naturally huge frame[/quote]
What do you currently weigh? From the sound of it, you have a pretty high bodyfat (maybe a muffin top/spare tire), correct?

I did a quick Google search and strangely couldn’t find anything about Kilnghoffers syndrome. Did you mean Klinefelter Syndrome? And is that an actual diagnosis you received from a doctor?

Daily long-distance jogging and light weight/high rep lifting is a great recipe for muscle loss, so it’s no surprise you’re not seeing the benefits you’re looking for.

[quote]But i feel something aint right… i look sluggish and fat lately despite this every day routine… i feel weak not sore like u get after a hard workout the day before but weak like my thyroid is low… and im having erectil problems and not producing enough of the white army…

I belive it is due to the increase of my jogging…[/quote]
How long have you been doing your current exercise routine (the daily jogging and 12kg lifting)? A few weeks, six months, etc.?

I highly doubt that simply jogging is going to decrease your thyroid function any significant degree. In any case, the sooner you get on a more effective muscle-building routine, the better.

Do you have, or can you get, a gym membership or is the only equipment available a pair of 12kg dumbbells?

Exercise is only going to effect your hormones so much, if at all in a noticeable way. While training properly and building strength and muscle mass will absolutely help, you might want to get a full blood work-up from your doctor, if possible. This could be a “minor” issue or it could be something bigger.

Look around the T Replacement forum to learn more, especially this thread:

As I said earlier, you’re definitely not on the right training plan. Fix that, pronto. Once we know what equipment you have access to, we can figure out a better routine.

Also, what does your daily nutrition look like? If you’re on a low fat diet, that can also have a negative impact on Test levels.

firstly i wanna thank you all for ur indepth and non judgemental posts.

i have a pit tumor which cause all my hormones to be out of sync im 27 and only starting puberty believe it or not… facial hair body hair etc… it cause me to have adrenal fatigue and also low test and low thyroid. i take cabergoline to shrink it and also hydrocortison daily to kick start my adrenals and normalize my hormones…

i get spikes where i feel great and have really hard erections and dont feel tired and full of energy and those days are usually after the days i decide to do hiit training and weights pushups sit ups… i have just recently figured out that the days i do slow long cardio the next day i feel sluggish weak tired emasculated looking and also problems down below…

so i have access not as of today to around 30 kg on each end of a barbell no bench tho… i have naturally big frame skeleton wise… and the more i push my body the better i feel funny enough weight wise and i seem to adapt to the weights really fast too… diet is quite healthy green tea 90 dark chocolate for sweet tooth… apples bananas, peanut butter jelly snacks… red meat potatoes veg dinnners… i eat a lot but not crappy.

i tend to fing i need and want to eat more when i do the long slow cardio than i do when im doing hiit and weights… i think the slow cardio depletes me or as i said before messes with my hormones which makes me need to eat for stregnth or something…

i did a barbell workout today just dead lifts and aqauts and for about an hour on off and feel amazing if im being honest thanks.

Sounds rough man, how long have you had that tumor?

You say that you just hit puberty at the age of 27 and are starting to get facial hair and body hair etc, did you get your deep male voice and sperm production also just now or did that happen in your teens as with most people?

Ideally i’d say join a gym and get on a program like Stronglifts.

With that said you can get a killer workout with just light weight doing one of these…

You have my respect for enduring such a thing and still wanting to bust ass.

If long slow cardio makes you feel that way, don’t do it. I think that in your case, the old adage of “listen to your body” applies tenfold. Do the stuff that makes you feel awesome.

What does your diet look like, exactly?

Is it a prolactinoma?

And if your test is low, why not take test?

Less jogging, more serious lifting program. And you might want to join a real gym or buy some more weights soon.

[quote]kakno wrote:
And if your test is low, why not take test?

I was thinking this. Has your doctor advised against it?

yeah the doc assured me that all my levels will level out naturally in time with the medication for my prolactinoma… but its been two years and he has told me my results are good now… but i still feel they yre probably on the low end and fluctuate…but obv not low enough for him to put me on anything.

my diets pretty good i drink like once or twice a month… dont touch alcohol the rest of the the month… and try to eat a helthy balanced diet all my sweet treats are like 90 percent dark chocolate and proibiotic yoghurts and stuff…

these barbells 30kg on both sides seem to be giving me a good enough rip when i use them… just been doin all the free standing workouts with them that i think is possible.

The reason i changed from doing say 2-3 miles at a high intensity too… 5-6 miles at a low one was because when i did the high intesity one i was having to stop at points because i was out of breath and felt that doin longer but slower without stopping would feel more of an accomplishment… but i reckon the having to stop was because i was working myself harder and actually benifited me better…

i also live in the uk were checkups with the dovtor are every 3-6 months… so dont get a lot of me and doctor time…

about the puberty… he thinks ive had it growing since i was 16 sooo abny changes that would have happened after that age would have been stunted… although im 6.2 i wonder what height i would have ended up lol…

cheers for the shred links look like thats how ishould be going… i just need to be always looking to raise my test and keep my thyroid going well sooo its all trial and error for me… with even food and diet… i was drinking green tea thinking it was benifiting but then found out it has huge levels of flouride in it which is bad for low thyroid folk as it was used in the past to help people with high thyroid levels… so thats now out the window lol

Man, if I had a semi-legit reason to get on legal roids, I’d be straight up demanding them. Maybe try another doctor. That is, if you’d actually like to take them - you may not, which would be fair enough.